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Carita Pintada

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Carita Pintada telenovelaThe life of Aurora Pabuena becomes a puzzling labyrinth of deception, jealousy and danger. She is left on the steps of the Church of San Rafael de la Peña and found by and taken under the loving wing of Candelaria, who happily raises Aurora as her own. Aurora’s real mother is Irene, who tragically sinks into a 20-year old alcoholic haze after the newborn Aurora is taken from her. Irene’s father, textile magnate Vicente, is responsible for the bastard child’s disappearance, and his servant Elodia, the only one to know the truth, eventually blackmails him.

Irene reveals the truth and upon discovering what happened to her child, rediscovers her own strength. She becomes a determined, powerful woman focused on one goal-finding Aurora. Irene's nephews, the identical twins, Diego and Rodrigo, are very different. They meet Aurora under amusing circumstances instigated by the idle, disrespectful Rodrigo. Diego's goodness is liked by Aurora, who immediately falls in love with him. But Rodrigo's crude playfulness soon turns dark and deceitful. Seemingly, a tragedy occurs, and Aurora is forced to escape to the city. Years of confusion and heartache follow. But the mystery begins to unravel once Aurora becomes a model for the "Carita Pintada" line of clothing that Irene has designed for Vicente's textile firm. Aurora reunites with Diego, but all is not as it seems. What follows is a twisted web of obstacles that stands in the way of their happiness. By finally discovering her true identity, Aurora affirms the strength of independent women who have the courage to follow their hearts. Supported by Candelaria's devotion, she reunites with Irene and is finally blessed with Diego's true love.

Carita Pintada - telenovela

(1999) - Simón Pestana, Catherine Correia, Elluz Peraza, Hilda Abrahamz


Simón Pestana ... Diego Cáceres / Rodrigo Cáceres
Catherine Correia ... Aurora Pabuena
Elluz Peraza ... Irene Cáceres
Hilda Abrahamz ... Candelaria Pabuena
Luis Gerardo Núñez ... Martín Sucre
Javier Vidal ... Tadeo Vargas
Fernando Flores ... Vicente Cáceres
Eliana López ... Francoise Pabuena
Carlos Cruz ... Eleazar Medina
Ricardo Bianchi ... Alberto Sandoval
Gabriel Gonsalves ... Luigi
Elisa Stella ... Belén de Medina
Eduardo Gadea Pérez ... Teofilo
Marlene De Andrade ... Pipina Hoffman
Rodolfo Renwick ... Andrés Figuera
Virginia Vera ... Elodia
Violeta Alemán ... Margot
Nacarid Escalona ... Karín López
Gonzalo Cubero ... Father Francisco 'Pancho' de Asis Martínez
Nacho Huett ... Abdul Pabuena
Henry Castañeda ... Carlos Pereira
Marcos Morffe ... Paolo Pabuena
Jeannette Lehr ... Pilar
Jessica Cerezo ... Genesis
Oswaldo Mago
Paola Eagles ... Vallita Pabuena
Carolina Muziotti ... Kimberly
Ivette Domínguez ... Medusa
Reina Hinojosa ... Jessica
Gabriel Fernández
Flavio Caballero ... Jean François Sagmann
Gabriel Parisi ... Leo
Roberto Mateos ... Abdul Abdulah
Julie Restifo ... Conchetta de Rossi
Carlos Olivier ... Paolo Richi / Paolino Rossi
Alba Roversi ... Piera Bernal
Maribel Zambrano
Luis Enrique Cañas
Rosa Palma ... Damelys
Walter Gamberini
Jesús Seijas
Luis Aravena
Yosti de la Rosa
Juan Carlos Gardié ... Cheo Salazar

Writing credits
Valentina Párraga
Valentina Párraga
Germán Aponte
Irene Calcaño
Romano Rodríguez

Song: "Píntame"
Written by: Elvis Crespo
Singing: Elvis Crespo

Original music
Elvis Crespo

Cinematography by
Willie Balcazar

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Yuri Delgado
Luis Enrique Díaz

Produced by
Armando Reverón Borges
Leonor Sardi
Ana Vizoso González

Coral Pictures Corp. de Venezuela Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


This telenovela lasted 126 episodes.

Catherine Correia's birth name is Catherine Josefina Correia Barrera and her spouse's name was Hernan Mejia with whom she lived from 2000 to 2003.

Catherine Correia is divorced now.

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Ghizlane   |2010-06-18 04:07:38
Wow!!!!!!!!!!! treminda telenovela sin comentario !!!!!!!!
ghizlane   |2011-08-12 04:40:54
Simon Pestana es un verdadero orgullo venezolano Bolivariano todasa sus trabajos en telenovela, obras de teatro cine son buenisimas .TQM hermano .
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