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Como tú, Ninguna

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Como tú, ninguna telenovelaGilda Barreto marries to Raymundo Landaeta, a rich and handsome young man who does not mind her poor upbringing. Their love is deep and sincere but too young and fragile to withstand the evils the couple must face at the hands of Leonidas Landaeta, Raymundo's mother.

Leonidas is a selfish, bigheaded and domineering woman who has different plans for her son: marry him to Yamilex, a woman of their same social level. She dedicates wholeheartedly to separate Raymundo from Gilda, using Yamilex as her accomplice. Leonidas relentless efforts to break up the marriage succeed within a short period of time, causing Raymundo and Gilda to divorce. Emotionally destroyed, Gilda returns to her former life of poverty, working hard at odd jobs to earn a decent living. Raymundo goes on a long trip abroad and upon his return home, becomes involved with Yamilex. After Raymundo and Yamilex become an item, Gilda finds her real true love, Raul, a lovin successful doctor which falls in love with Gilda instantly and accepts her as she is and accepts the child she had with Raymundo.

Como tú, ninguna - telenovela

(1995) - Miguel de León, Gabriela Spanic, Eduardo Luna, Elluz Peraza


Miguel de León ... Raúl de la Peña
Gabriela Spanic ... Gilda Barreto
Eduardo Luna ... Raymundo Landaeta
Elluz Peraza
Henry Galué
Belén Díaz
Hilda Blanco ... Asunción
Laura Zerra
Marita Capote
Fabiola Colmenares ...
Hans Christopher
Estelita Del Llano ...
Isabel Hungría
Mauricio González
Yalitza Hernández
Omar Moynelo ...
Julio Capote
Verónica Doza
José Ángel Urdaneta
Manolo Manolo
Mónica Rubio ... Elsa
Ana María Pagliacci
Johnny Zapata
Carmen Arencibia
Víctor Hernández
Estrella Castellanos
Julio Bernal
Aidita Artigas
Humberto Tancredi
Juan Galeno
Roberto Luque
Ana Martínez
Mauricio Casin
Virginia García ...
Angel Espina
Svenn Luna
Johanny Hermoso
Nohel Rodriguez
Yamandú Acevedo
Diego Acuña
Miguel Alcántara
Juan Carlos Baena
Martha Carbillo
Orlando Casín
Rita De Gois
Gaspar 'Indio' González
Olga Henríquez
Carolina López
Dalia Marino
Julio Pereira
Beba Rojas
Chumico Romero
Laura Termini
Bárbara Teyde

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez
Carlos Romero

Song: "Ven Junto A MI"
Written by: Claudio Bermudez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
José Antonio Ferrara

Produced by
Silvia Carnero
Altair Castro
Miguelangel Chiquito
Aimara Escobar



It was the first telenovela having Gabriela Spanic as the female lead and by casualty of life, she played a double role nearly the end of the story almost exactly as she would make it in La Usurpadora.

This telenovela lasted 281 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.

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