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Corazones Extremos

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Corazones extremos telenovelaIt is a story of love of two teenagers: Elizabeth Capeleti and Ismael Montes. Their two families are at war with each other for many years, but these two young people’s love turn the hatred into friendship after all.

The place where the action takes place is a Club Campestre Aventura, a sport resort for young fans of extreme sports and art. Here you will see a lot of horse riding, climbing, motocross, singing, dancing, etc.

Club Campestre Aventura is situated in a picturesque landscape between wonderful beach and high mountains. Manager of the club Justo Marval does his best to keep the club sport program and events extremely interesting for youth, so the club is the popular place for rest of students and young people.

Due to relaxing atmosphere of this place relationship between Montes and Capeleti families are left far behind while many other problems in relations have been arisen.

All students in the club are divided into 2 big groups. First group leader is Ismael Montes. His friends are Alexander, Toby, Rafael and Rita. In the other side is the group of Oswaldo Capeleti friends: Polo, Memo, Fabiola and Estrella.

In addition Sandra is in love with Esmael, so she suggests Elizabeth is her competitor, and she made a group of 2 girls Cindy and Roxana to fight against her luckier competitor.

Another person who is affecting the situation is Ricky – he feels an unrequited love to Elizabeth and he found a consolation in music and poetry.

On the other hand is the son of Justo Marval Charlie – an extravert and bright young guy, who adds fantastic situations to a plot and makes story fresh together with his friends Laito and Genova.

The unusual and rather funny characteristic of the story is Mia, a beloved dog of Ellizabeth, some of scenes are commented on behalf of this dog.

Corazones extremos - telenovela

(2010) - Diany Marrcoccia, Juan Miguel Fuentes


Diany Marrcoccia ... Elizabeth Capeleti
Juan Miguel Fuentes ... Ismael Montes
Anthony Texeira
Daniel Martínez
Orlando Márquez
Andrea Angulo
Fabián Moreno
Alexander Rodríguez
Andrea Perozo
Marian Zerpa
Evelyn Castillo
Karen Pita
Daniela Vielman
Everson Ruiz
Ahyrin Ollarves
Carlos Da Gama
Tomás Rivero
Oriana Perillo
Gabriel Marcoccia
David Bermúdez
Asdrúbal Blanco
Laura Muñoz
Gerardo Soto
Vanessa Rangel
Alba Valvé
Betty Hass
Jeannette Flores
Gabriela Fleritt
Ángel Díaz
Enmanuel Palomares
Gabriela Graf
Augusto Galíndez
Miguel Blanco
Daniela Vallone

Writing credits
Carmelo Castro (original story)

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Raúl García

Produced by
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
Karina Sánchez Franceschi

Latina Producciones


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cecilia marini  - corazones extremos   |2010-04-13 22:03:17
que bello el protagonista (Juan Miguel F) ese chico es mo sobrino que dios le des mucha luz
Crsital  - Felicitaciones   |2010-04-14 19:37:48
Felicitaciones por la nueva Novela y el elenco..... Felicidades a Marian Zerpa por su personaje de Fotografo en esta serie EXITO ''''' PARA ella...
daileni abreu   |2010-04-21 02:30:54
Querido elenco de corazones extremos atentamente desde maracaibo quiero desirles que me encanta su telenovela sigan asi no cambien.
michel rojas   |2010-04-28 00:29:59
coraazones extremos me encantan son geniales sigan asi no cambien desde barquisimeto los quiero..................
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