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Cristal telenovelaVictoria Ascano is the beautiful and successful owner of the fashion house "Casa Victoria". She decides to search for the baby she abandoned years before. At the same time, Cristina, Victoria's daughter, leaves the orphanage where she was raised and moves into an apartment with two other girls, ready to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

Cristina is unknowingly hired by Victoria and was on her way to becoming a successful model when Victoria discovers that Cristina and Luis Alfredo, her stepson, were having an affair. Victoria fires Cristina and Luis Alfredo marries Marion, his old girlfriend, because she claims to be carrying his child. Shortly after being abandoned by Luis Alfredo and fired by Victoria, Cristina discovered that she, too, is pregnant.

Cristal - telenovela

(1985 - 1986) - Lupita Ferrer, Jeannette Rodríguez, Carlos Mata, Gigi Zancheta


Lupita Ferrer ... Victoria Ascanio
Jeannette Rodríguez ... Cristina Expósito, a.k.a. Cristal
Carlos Mata ... Luis Alfredo Ascanio
Raúl Amundaray ... Alejandro Ascanio
Mariela Alcalá ... Inocencia
Lourdes Valera ... Zoraida, a.k.a. Cerebrito
Henry Zakka ... Adán
Zoe Ducos ... Luisa
Félix Loreto ... Lino
Roberto Moll ... Darío
Jorge Palacios ... Gonzalo Valladares
Humberto García ... Padre Ángel de Jesús
Marita Capote ... Marion
Gigi Zanchetta ... Eliana Ascanio
Cecilia Villarreal ... Vivian Marshall
Guillermo Ferrán ... Grüber
Arturo Calderón ... Padre Francisco
Ileana Jacket ... Bertha Girot
Carlos Villamizar ... Marcos
Juan Frankis ... Fonseca
Elisa Parejo ... Doña Chona
América Barrio ... Lucrecia
Dante Carle ... Erasmo
Humberto Tancredi ... Beltrán
Gabriel El Chamo ... Gabo
Lino Ferrer ... Piero
Ana Massimo ... Nancy
Gledys Ibarra ... Tomasa
María Eugenia Obaro ... Paola
Lula Bertucci ... Tula
Fernando Ortega ... Moncho
Elisa Escámez ... Antonia
Chony Fuentes ... Laura
María Bosco ... Peppina
Marlene Maseda ... Marlene
Mahuampi Acosta ... Doña Puri
Romelia Agüero ... Cachita
Aidita Artigas ... Madre Montserrat
Maria Bosco ... Peppina
William Bracamonte ... Comisario Rosales
Nélida Brandón ... Sor Piedad
Chiclayano ... Jacobo
María del Pilar ... Balbina
Freddy Escobar ... Beto
Reina Hinojosa ... Bijoux
David Lara ... Diegito
Gloria Martín ... Gloria
Alejandro Mutis ... Comisario Rivero
María Eugenia Obaró ... Paola
Carmencita Padrón ... Marcia
Maricarmen Regueiro ... Alicia
Marcelo Rodríguez ... Marcelo
Olga Rojas ... Carmelina
Gabriel Fernández

Writing credits
Ana María Escámez
Delia Fiallo
Vivel Nouel
Zaret Romero

Song: "Mi Vida Eres Tú"
Written by: Rudy La Scala
Singing: Rudy La Scala

Original music
Luis Emilio Mauri

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Daniel Farías
Tito Rojas

Produced by
Jorge Gherrardy
Omar Pin

Televisión Federal (Telefe)


This telenovela lasted 246 episodes, and it achieved a significant amount of success inside and outside Venezuela, it was extremely successful in its airing in Spain (where each advertisement that was seen during the transmission of Cristal cost more than seven million pesetas) and Italy

Cristal has been rebroadcasted more than seven times in Venezuela.

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Abel Romo  - algunas aportaciones   |2009-12-08 02:53:05
Respecto al tema musical, además del de Rudy La Scala, se hizo todavía más popular el de Franco de Vita "Un buen perdedor". Un remake de esta telenovela en México fue "El Privilegio de Amar" (1998-1999) con Adela Noriega y René Stikler.
llanos   |2010-01-12 18:19:40
buenisima novela, de las grandes producciones venezolanas de los 80s.
Elizabeth  - Interested in the novela "Cristal"   |2010-02-19 16:40:41
I've been trying to find the novela "Cristal" on DVD, but haven't had any luck. Do you know where I can possibly find it?

raul carrillo   |2012-05-26 21:11:34
the same I've been trying to find the novela "Cristal" on DVD, but haven't had any luck. Do you know where I can possibly find it? thank you
Elizabeth S   |2012-09-17 21:04:07
Me gustaria comprar esta telenovela,si alguien sabe donde la puedo comprar,favor de contestar este email,la deseo comprar en DVD.
Olga P.   |2013-05-02 01:14:47
I've also been looking to buy the novela Cristal on dvd if anyone knows where to find it please let me know.

bec   |2013-07-30 00:52:17 la vende desde EU,son un poco costosas pero yo intentaré comprarle una a ver si vale la pena.
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