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Desprecio, El

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El Desprecio telenovelaEl Desprecio is the story about a young woman, her struggles, misfortunes, loneliness, loves, happiness, sadness and continuous search of personal dignity. Also the story illustrates ambition for power and money. Both stories are played out by a parade of legendary characters whose actions reveal the extremities of devious plotting, intrigue and even murder.

Clara Ines Santamaria lives a secluded life in the countryside in a hospice run by nuns. Society's grave misjudgement of Clara Ines will come to light and her profound intelligence will finally be discovered. Even though Clara Ines is actually a beautiful young woman, in the beginning she only inspires pity. She is from a wealthy family, but was raised by a nun who doesn't want her to know her true origins. One day, Clara Ines discovers the truth and sets off for the capital city to challenge her destiny. She meets Raul Velandro, a seemingly good man who immediately takes pity on her and extends his assistance. He tells her that he is a member of the family she is seeking, he sets a trap, and Clara Ines becomes involved in a series of circumstances that comprise the compelling plot of El Desprecio.

El Desprecio - telenovela

(1991) - Maricarmen Regueiro, Flavio Caballero,Flor Núñez, Carlos Márquez


Maricarmen Regueiro ... Clara Inés Santamaría
Guy Ecker ... Simon Santamarina
Kristina Lilley
Flavio Caballero ... Raúl Velandro
Flor Núñez ... Pastora
Carlos Márquez ... Israel Santamaría
Dilia Waikaran
Rosario Prieto
Tomás Henríquez
Alberto Álvarez
Guillermo Ferrán
Virgilio Galindo
Américo Montero
Hilda Abrahamz
Ana Karina Manco
Jorge Luis Morales
Roberto Moll
Enrique Ibáñez
Roberto Lamarca
Leopoldo Regnault
Sonya Smith
Claudia Venturini
Laura Brey
Verónica Cortez
Samuel González
Ricardo Herranz
Margaret Kukec
Mimí Lazo

Writing credits
Miriam Foti
Manuel González
Julio César Mármol
Reinaldo Rodríguez
Morella Vega

Song: "¿Por Qué Será?"
Written by: Rudy La Scala
Singing: Rudy La Scala

Original music
Federico Gattorno

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luis Manzo

Produced by
Leonor Sardi
Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja
Jhonny Pulido

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV) (I)


This telenovela lasted 152 episodes. It was distributed internationally by RCTV International. A remake was made in 2006.

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llanos  - me encanta   |2010-01-12 18:15:25
esta novela es excelente,eXcelente trama, actores,actuaciones.como siempre Mexico la copió,peor ninguna como esta,la ORIGINAL.....
Johan Acevedo  - Excelente telenovela.   |2010-05-22 22:58:34
Efectivamente, esta novela fué estupenda. El elenco inmejorable. Eran buenos tiempos para la televisión venezolana. Había calidad, buenos libretos y excelentes actores.
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