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Dulce Ilusión

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Dulce Ilusión telenovelaDulce María is the heiress to her parent's lands and vast fortune. Through a twist of fate, however, her ruthless governess Zarina robs her of her rightful inheritance and raises Dulce María as a servant in her own home, convincing her that she had been born a penniless orphan.

Dulce María become a young woman full of optimism and innocence in spite of every bad actions towards her. Her genuine nature wins the hearts of many of the townspeople, specially the local children. Among these is Caraotica, an unforgettable boy with strange powers; in reality, Caraotica is an angel who inadvertently "fell" into the convent's backyard while on a mission from heaven to Villa del Mar. Sor Ada, the nun who educated Dulce María, becomes her confidante and greatest source of moral support.

In her youth, Sor Ada had experienced everything from hunting tigers in the wild to singing classic love ballads, and thus instills in Dulce María a pronounced idealism and zest for life. It's no wonder, then, that Dulce María is regarded as a dreamer... a young girl who shares her dreams and adventures with imaginary characters: a lively lizard named Homero, symbol of emotion; the toucan Prometeo symbol of reason; and the coquettish canary Alicia Josefina, symbol of love. One day, Dulce María is reunited with her childhood sweetheart Juan Francisco, a recently graduated military cadet. This marks the beginning of a passionate love story; one which will be threatened by envy, jealousy, and blind ambition. However, with the help of Jacques Delfin, a mysterious and eccentric man who lives on a yacht off the coast of Villa del Mar, Dulce María and Juan Francisco will finally unravel the secret of her birthright and find true love.

Dulce Ilusión - telenovela

(1993) - Coraima Torres, Gabriel Fernández, Carlos Arreaza, Gisvel Ascanio


Coraima Torres ... Dulce María
Gabriel Fernández ... Juan Francisco Corona
Carlos Arreaza ... El Junior
Gisvel Ascanio
Janín Barboza ... Sor Angustia
Marisela Berti ... Zarina
Ricardo Bianchi ... Gustavo Ríos Ibáñez
Jose Daniel Bort ... Andy Perez Matos
Marcos Campos ... Arturo Tracala
Crisol Carabal ... Sarita
Manuel Escolano
Bettina Grand
Karl Hoffman
Félix Loreto ... Justo Corona
Leonardo Marrero
Dora Mazzone ... Egleé Bustillo
Jonathan Montenegro ... Lalo
Martha Pabón ... Marquesita
Jorge Palacios ... Don Tomás
Aracelli Prieto
Rafael Romero
Henry Soto ... Jacques Delfín

Writing credits
Mariela Romero

Song: "Suena a Rumba"
Written by: Sergio Pérez
Singing: Sergio Pérez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


This telenovela lasted 198 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.

This was the first telenovela to use Venezuelan cartoons with real people, in fact, it’s the only one in the history of Venezuelan soap operas, and the great success of this RCTV’s material is partly due to the big innovation of the cartoons.

The animated characters were developed by the legendary animator Felix Nakamura and his team.

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Anonymous   |2010-03-27 19:49:06
excelente novela por favor repitanla
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