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El árbol de Gabriel

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El árbol de Gabriel telenovelaGabriel León is a successful artist. He is recognized in his country with his show “El Maratón de la Alegría”. He himself is a brand. One day he is found in the severe health condition and he needs some internal organs transplanted to recover. He has no family.  He is living with a young model girl, without kids. He remembers that some time ago he used to donor his sperm to some clinical institutions. He is highly concerned in this idea to find these kids he is the biological donor for. He has no idea that since then his genealogical tree is completely changed.

Magdalena Miranda is a photographer. She is work and family oriented woman. She does not know that her husband conceals the fact of taking the donor sperm from the sperm bank to make her pregnant for he is infertile. She feels deceived and she feels to start a new life. She meets and falls in love with Gabriel León and she cannot even imagine he is the father to her son. However, Gabriel does not want to live as a father. He seems so at first sight and this is reasonable for him but life teaches him a lesson. And Gabriel finds the sense in life obtaining love in family and family values to appreciate and adhere to.

This is a story of love between Gabriel and Magdalena who never imagine they have already had a child together. The other side of the story is that Gabriel has children from six different women, from adult ones to a toddler. Due to the life circumstances Gabriel comes to idea to search and find all his biological children to feel the life and family. To become a father, eventually.


Jorge Reyes as Gabriel León

A showman who achieves the peak of career with his show-program on TV. He is outspoken, sometime arrogant, a little good of cynic. He has a perfect sense of humor. He is a womanizer though he never refuses to build a family. At the age of 40 he is alone but living with a young and beautiful model Angie. But soon he changes everything in his life.

Aroldo Betancourt as Efraín Fernández

Julieta’s father. He is a scriptwriter. Handsome, reserved, humble and honest man. He dislikes the easy-minded nature of his daughter and he tried to give her a good choice to get education.

Nohelí Arteaga as Valentina Pacheco

Valentina is strong-minded woman, determined and self-confident. She is a marketing specialist. Very beautiful, ambitious and initiative. Perhaps, this is the reason why she is alone. She tries to manipulate and threaten all around her. She suffers from being alone, though. She has committed a lot to achieve what she has today. She did rent her utera to bear a child for a couple of foreign tourists for a good amount of money.

Daniela Bascopé as Magdalena Miranda

A young, beautiful and quiet woman in her early 30. He is a good housewife, a perfect wife and a good mother. She is ideal. Magdalena is an artist but works as a professional photographer. She is married to Agustín Camejo with a 3-year old boy, Rodrigo.

Roxana Díaz as Sofía Alvarado

Sofía is a doctor, specialist in reproductive health. She is 33, a young and nice-looking woman, practical, passionate but modest. She is divorced. She is weak about handsome men and she can seduce anyone irrespective of the marital status.

Cristobal Lander as Agustín Camejo

Magdalena’s husband and Rodrigo’s father. Double-faced man. He sems to be ideal, brave, caring and loving for his wife but when he is out, he changes completely.

He is a professional publicist, so attractive, confident, prudent and merciless. He is sensitive and tempting for women and his lewdness gets to its high end.

El árbol de Gabriel - telenovela

(2011) - Daniela Bascopé, Jorge Reyes


Daniela Bascopé ... Magdalena Miranda
Jorge Reyes ... Gabriel León
Roxana Diaz ... Sofia Alvarado
Cristóbal Lander ... Agustin Camejo
Nohely Arteaga ... Valentina Pacheco
Aroldo Betancourt ... Efrain Fernandez
Laura Chimaras ... Julieta Fernandez
Beatriz Vasquez ... Ana Belen Iturria
Elaiza Gil ... Nayarí Rosales
José Ramon Barreto ... Deibis
Alfonso Medina ... Antonio "Toño" Gualtero
Myriam Abreu ... Angie Sorelli
Mariely Ortega ... Brenda Sanchez
Eulalia Siso ... Amelia Ruiz de Leon
Roque Valero ... Epicúreo "Epi" Morales
Paula Woyzechowsky ... Gloria Falcón
Erika Santiago ... Marilyn Gonzalez
Randy Piñango ... Ricardo Pecorelli
José Manuel Suarez ... Maikel Blanco
Lourdes Valera
Randy Piñango ... Ricardo Pecorelli
Erika Santiago ... Marilyn González
Sindy Lazo
Jose Manuel Suárez ... Maikel Blanco
Vanesa Di Quattro
Greisy Mena
Gabriel López
Sebastián Quevedo
Diego Villarroel

Writing credits
Alberto Barrera Tyszka (original story)
Neida Padilla
Elio Palencia
Anisbely Castillo

Song: Donde andabas tú
Written by: Grupo San Luis
Singing: Grupo San Luis

Original music
Pablo Escalona
Víctor Escalona
Betriks Medina

Cinematography by
Abraham González

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luis Alberto Lamata

Produced by
Consuelo Delgado



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