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Estrambotica Anastasia

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Estrambotica AnastasiaAnastasia is a beautiful woman from the public. She dreamt on getting wealthier and her dreams came true when, thanks to her extravagant personality, she gets a well known jewelry company out of bankruptcy. This made her a millionaire. Anastasia becomes the Borosfky family's good luck charm.

Anastasia meets Aureliano and that whole glamorous world will become her worst nightmare. Once in search of her freedom, Anastasia will meet the dark side of the Borosfky dynasty and will reveal one by one the secrets hidden behind the Cross of Dreams, an accursed jewel, valued at millions of dollars, which belonged to the Empress Catherine II of Russia.

She is terrified and anxious to save herself, she suffers an attack due to which one of her sisters dies, whose body will disappear along with a large part of the Borosfky inheritance. This tragedy will cause Anastasia to return to the Borosfky mansion to try to figure out the plan carried out against her. While this occurs, Aureliano will become her most fervent ally and the only man who can make her dream again.

Estrambotica Anastasia - telenovela

(2004) - Hilda Abrahamz, Mayra Alejandra, Llena Aloma, Carlos Álvarez


Hilda Abrahamz ... Constanza Borosfky
Mayra Alejandra ... Yolanda Paz
Llena Aloma ... Sor Bertha
Carlos Álvarez ... Nicolás Borosfky
Freddy Aquino ... Joseíto
Norkys Batista ... Alexandra
Flavio Caballero ... Aquiles Borosfky
Yoletty Cabrera ... Pía Borosfky
Crisol Carabal ... Gregoria Borosfky
Chenoa ... María Laura
Antonio Cuevas ... Padre Juan
Dad Dager ... Violeta
Luciano D'Alessandro ... Santiago Borosfky Samaniego
Marianela González ... María Gracia
Kiara ... Bromelia de Borosfky
Susana Kolster ... Claudia
Miguel Ángel Landa ... Facundo Paz
Prakriti Maduro ... Clementina Borosfky
Saúl Marín ... Ovidio Borosfky Samaniego
Carlos Márquez ... Valentino Alfonso
Dora Mazzone ... Agripina Samaniego de Borosfky
Daniela Navarro ... Yadira Paz
Kareliz Ollarves ... Emilia Margarita Borosfky
Alejandro Otero
Ligia Petit ... Kitty
Juan Pablo Raba ... Aureliano Paz
Rodolfo Renwick ... Mateo
Gustavo Rodríguez ... Don Antonio 'Toño' Borosfky
Miguel Augusto Rodríguez ... León Borosfky
Manuel Salazar ... Teobaldo Borosfky
Gabriela Santeliz ... Demetria
Iván Tamayo ... El Maco
Virginia Urdaneta ... Mercedes
Javier Vidal ... Klauss

Writing credits
Martin Hahn

Song: "En Tu Cruz Me Clavaste"
Written by: William Luque
Singing: Chenoa

Original music
William Luque

Cinematography by
Domingo Fuentes

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
José Alcalde

Produced by
Mileyba Álvarez
Ender Faría
Joy Guilarte
Jhonny Pulido

Radio Caracas Television


Many of the actors who appear in Estrambotica Anastasia also apperared in Mi Gorda Bella and subsequently in Amor a Palos in 2005.

Estrambotica Anastasia lasted for 150 episodes, and was broadcast Monday to Friday on Radio Caracas Television.

"Eso" by Argentine singer Axel Fernando is the theme for Anastasia and Aureliano

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joey   |2011-04-26 09:45:42
finally, I've been researching for this, since it was aired here in the Philippines entitled Anastasia but I didn't know the original name. I love the theme song, I would want to search for it.
godwin  - i love this telenovela   |2013-01-22 09:45:32
i searched numerous time for the theme song but i could not find it i need a help
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