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Hechizo de Amor

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Hechizo de amor telenovelaLigia Valderrama is a beautiful, self-assured, young woman. Her father, Francisco Valderrama, has spoiled her excessively. Although Ligia has grown up believing she is the daughter of Raquela, her father's wife, her real mother is Salome Hernandez, a woman of poor birth who fell in love with Francisco in spite of the fact that he was already married. On a fateful night over 20 years ago, Salome and Francisco were running away with their baby daughter and a briefcase containing a million dollars that he had stolen from his wife's firm, when they had a serious car accident. Raquela found them unconscious and stole little Ligia. She made Francisco tell Salome that her daughter was dead. The pain of this news was so unbearable that Salome went insane and was committed in a sanitarium. And so, Ligia grew up in the luxury of the Valderrama's household, with a slightly cold adoptive mother and a loving, but weak and remorseful, father.

Mabel Alcantara, another beautiful young woman, has grown up wild and poor, reared by a kind-hearted couple who took her in when her parents died. She could never imagine that she is actually the owner of the lavish hacienda where she sneaks in to steal mangoes. The current master of the hacienda, Arturo Urbaneja Castro, cheated Mabel's parents out of the estate, and this circumstance led them to commit suicide. That is why now it is so ironic for Mabel to fall in love with Luis Diego Urbaneja, son of the scoundrel who deprived her of what was rightfully hers. The passionate love affair that develops between Mabel and Luis Diego will bring them many difficulties.

Almost at the same time, Ligia finds Gabriel Salazar, the man of her dreams. They fall deeply in love, but this relationship is also bound to fail as Raquela gets in the way, disapproving of the social differences between them. That is when fate confronts Ligia and Mabel. The sweet country girl, pregnant by Luis Diego and shunned by his family, now lives in the city and casually meets Gabriel. She touches him with her gentleness, and now that he is separated from Ligia, he feels the need to care for Mabel, and eventually even asks her to marry him. The marriage does not take place, however, because both Gabriel and Mabel realize they still love Ligia and Luis Diego. After a series of unexpected events, both young couples will finally find happiness together… and at long last, Ligia and Mabel will recover what life had so unfairly taken from them.

Hechizo de amor - telenovela

(2000) - Guillermo Pérez, Emma Rabbe, Wanda D'Isidoro


Emma Rabbe ... Ligia Valderrama
Guillermo Pérez ... Gabriel Salazar
Wanda D'Isidoro ... Mabel Alcántara
Caridad Canelón ... Salomé Hernández
Gigi Zanchetta ... Carolina Sánchez
Aroldo Betancourt ... Leonardo Sotomayor
Ana Karina Casanova ... Mariana Antúnez
Alberto Alifa ... Juan Diego Urbaneja Castro
Julio Alcázar ... Arturo Urbaneja Castro
Mayra Alejandra ... Raquela de Valderrama
Carolina López ... Beatriz Gutiérrez
Eva Blanco ... Clara de Salazar
Chony Fuentes ... Fedora de Antúnez
Mónica Rubio ... Trinita Sánchez
Chelo Rodríguez ... Adelaida de Sotomayor
Betty Ruth ... Crisanta Hernández
Mirtha Borges ... Marina de Alcántara
Niurka Acevedo ... Penélope Bracho
Cristina Obín ... Inmaculada de Urbaneja
Judith Vásquez ... Iraida Montes
Ana Castell ... Dominga Cárdenas
Miguel Alcántara ... Francisco Valderrama
Pedro Lander ... Marcelo Salazar
Ernesto Balzi ... Alonso Urrutia
Alexis Escamez ... Higinio Pérez
Julio Bernal ... Venancio Alcántara
Victor Rentoya ... Adalberto Cárdenas
Miguel David Díaz ... Mauricio Sánchez
Mario Brito ... Cheo Meneses
Víctor Hernández ... Claudio Salazar
Dulce María Pilonieta ... Leticia
José Vieira ... Emilio Cárdenas
Adelaida Mora ... Bettina
Kimberly Dos Ramos ... Martica Sánchez
Mauricio Rentería ... Padre Angel Jesús
Andreína Yépez ... Lorena
Diego Salazar ... Amado Cárdenas
Angelo Rizzi ... Javier
Ana Massimo ... Luisa Pérez
Frank Mendez
Mónica Valero ... Mercedes
Keyla Diaz
Ana Martínez ... Sonia
Rocío Miranda
Ana Zambrano
Mauricio González
Gaspar 'Indio' González ... Dr. Campos
Jenny Valdés ... Sol
Deyanira Hernandez ... Doris
Juan A. Baptista ... René Castro
Víctor Cámara ... Jorge Luis Larrios
Ivette Domínguez ... Felicia de Hurtado
Guillermo Ferrán ... Felipe Bracho
Francisco Ferrari ... Dr. Germán Duque
Fedra López ... Natasha
Eduardo Luna ... Det. Miranda
Antonio Machuca ... Dr. Romero
Isabel Moreno
Miriam Ochoa ... Amalia de Covarrubias
Patricia Oliveros
Eliseo Perera ... Dr. Acevedo
Reinaldo José Pérez
Yvonne Reyes ... Regina Fuentes
Rafael Romero ... Hugo Ruiz
Soraya Sanz ... Antonia
Patricia Toffoli
Sonia Villamizar
Jhonny Zapata ... dr. McGregor
Roberto Messutti ... Silvio Pérez
Eva Mondolfi ... Cecilia Larrios

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez
Silvano Suárez

Song: "Quiéreme"
Written by: Randall M. Barlow, Angie Chirino, George Noriega
Singing: Alejandro Fernández

Original music
Francisco Cabrujas

Cinematography by
Johnny Febles

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Omar Hurtado
Édgar Liendo
César Bolívar
Marcos Reyes Andrade
Arquímedes Rivero

Produced by
Delia Berbín
Carolina de Jacovo
Toñía Martínez
Yasmín Rodríguez
Heclly Romero



This telenovela lasted 130 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.

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JAYLYN   |2012-01-18 03:53:41
La telenovela Hechizo de Amor fue extrodinaria...encantadora! Quisiera saber porque no puedo encontrarla en utube? Me encantara si la pudieran repetir.
monik   |2012-01-31 21:58:11
Lee atentamente esta oración y haz lo que te dice sin ignorar los pasos que te pide seguir, porque si no solo obtendrás los resultados contrarios de lo que pidas.

Piensa en la persona con la que quieres estar y di su nombre para ti 3 veces.

Piensa en lo que quieres que ocurra con esta persona en la siguiente semana y repítelo para ti 6 veces.

Ahora piensa en lo que quieres con esa persona y dilo una vez, y ahora di:

Rayo de luz yo te invoco para que desentierres a -nombre de la persona- de donde este o con quien este y le hagas llamarme hoy mismo enamorado y arrepentido.

Desentierra todo lo que esta impidiendo que -su nombre- venga a mi -nuestro nombre-. Aparta a todos los que contribuyan a que nos apartemos y que el no piense mas en otras mujeres que solo piense en mi -nuestro nombre-

Que el me llame y me ame. gracias, gracias por tu misterioso poder que siempre cumple con lo que se le pide

ahora anuncialo en tre partes diferentes
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