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Hoy te Vi

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Hoy te Vi telenovelaThe boys of "Maximum Level" need fame and success in the music business. There are five special young women next to them who offer both passion and heartache, support and dependence. Together they bear the burdens of youth, sometimes compromising their ideals for people they don’t trust, all for a common goal. Traveling down the hard road of deception, they soon discover that the rich aren’t always good, but the good offer riches that reach far beyond money.

The friends seek for the private place where they can explore their artistic yearning with other talented young people. Though romance, illness, betrayal and family interference threaten to stop them, they remain steadfast. Finally, with the help of a humble old man who believes in them and will keep their secret, they succeed in getting what they so desperately want.

From ecstasy and failure to fame and its unexpected consequences, this is a story about passion, friendship, commitment and strength. But mostly, it is a story about growing up.

Hoy te Vi - telenovela

(1998) - Sandy Olivares, Chantal Baudaux, Alejandro Loynaz, Luis La Rosa


Sandy Olivares ... Nicolás Pereira Gómez
Chantal Baudaux ... Jessica Linares Urdaneta
Alejandro Loynaz ... Luis Guillermo Villanueva - Luis G.
Luis La Rosa ... Ricardo Pereira Gómez
Concetta Lo Dolce ... Andrea D'Ascoli Borsari
Nacho Huett ... Iván José Pereira Gómez
Ámbar Díaz ... Josefina 'Fefi' Serrano
Ramón Castro ... Napoleón Serrano
Mirela Mendoza ... Liliana Mungarrieta Henríquez
Hernán Díaz ... Gerardo Arrieta
Natalia Romero ... Teresa del Carmen 'Teresita' Robles
Damián Genovese ... Jorge Cuevas Miquelarena
Betzabeth Duque ... Tibisay Luna
Joel Borges ... Daniel 'Danny' Ríos Vizcarrondo
Manuel Diquez ... Himself
Jerónimo Gil ... John William 'Johnny' Fuentes
Luis Daniel Gómez ... Esteban
Hernán Mejía ... Caliche
Iván Tamayo ... Augusto Linares Zavaleta
Rebeca Costoya ... Catalina Urdaneta de Linares
Ernesto Balzi ... Iván José Pereira
Flor Elena González ... Eva Gómez de Pereira
Miguel Alcántara ... Atanasio Arrieta
Manuel Sosa
María Cristina Lozada ... Eusebia Robles y Palomar
Alejo Felipe ... Benito Castro Carrás - Sr. Casca
Héctor Campobello ... Mario D'Ascoli
José Félix Cárdenas ... Dr. Dumpiérrez
Jaime Urribarri ... Christian
Andy Rodríguez ... José 'Cheíto' Pereira Gómez
Yorman González ... Antonio 'Toñito' D'Ascoli Borsari
Karen Pita ... Ninoska Linares Urdaneta
Andreína De Sousa ... Karina Linares Urdaneta
Gisvel Ascanio ... Isabella Gutiérrez
Eduardo Gadea Pérez ... Grandfather Iván José Pereira (spirit)
Sheyene Gerardi ... Perla
Andrea Isaac
Margaret Kukec
Kristin Pardo
Yeimi Sasson ... Extra
Yamilé Yordi

Writing credits
Ariana Martín
Basilio Álvarez
Laura Bottome

Song: "Hoy Te Vi"
Written by: Hernan Diaz, Benjamin Lafont, Elio Torres
Singing: Maximo Nivel

Original music
Enrique Bravo

Cinematography by
Rafael Marín

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Ariana Martín
Basilio Álvarez
Laura Bottome

Produced by
Jaime Dos Reis
Arsenia Rodrígues
Ana Vizoso González

Coral Pictures Corp. de Venezuela
Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


This telenovela lasted 180 episodes

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