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Inés Duarte, Secretaria

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Inés Duarte secretaria telenovelaInes Duarte is the secretary wanted in every office, she is efficient, intelligent, dedicated and dependable. As a woman, however, Ines is mousy, drab and insignificant. The victim of an overbearing, overprotective mother, she has grown up with very low self-esteem and little interest in making herself attractive to men.

Her boss, Andres Martan, is a young millionaire who is in charge of a giant corporation. And Ines is an indispensable employee but nothing more for him. A bitter and selfish widower with three children, Andres is too busy dealing with personal and professional problems to notice that Ines's faithfulness is in reality a deep secret love, and that making him happy is her only goal in life. To achieve this goal, Ines must endure many ordeals and injustices and experiences an astonishing metamorphosis that will, finally, make her the woman Andres truly wants. Emotion, suspense, exciting plot twists and unexpected events make the story of Ines Duarte, Secretaria, and an unforgettable one. Its excellent production and outstanding cast are guaranteed to turn this successful Venezuelan novel into an instant international hit.

Inés Duarte, secretaria - telenovela

(1991) - Amanda Gutiérrez, Víctor Cámara, Mariano Álvarez, Aidita Artigas


Amanda Gutiérrez
Víctor Cámara
Mariano Álvarez
Aidita Artigas
Asdrúbal Blanco
Eva Blanco
Marco Antonio Casanova
Rebeca Costoya
Carolina Cristancho
Chony Fuentes
Ricardo García
Sandra Juhasz
Carolina López
Luis Gerardo Núñez
Rafael Romero
Juan Carlos Vivas

Writing credits
Alicia Barrios

Song: "Todo es un Circulo"
Singing: Melissa

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Rafael Gómez
Ramon Tovar



This telenovela lasted 238 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.

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