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Juana la Virgen

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Juana la Virgen telenovelaJuana is left to accept that she will be a mother without having yet been a woman, and finds herself linked to a man with whom she has nothing in common. Time unveils the truth to Mauricio, a magazine publisher whose disappointment in his wife Carlota’s inability to conceive a child is unbearable. His life-threatening illness only increases his obsession with having a child, so once he realizes that the hospital has artificially inseminated Juana by mistake, he desperately searches for her only to find that Carlota has hired her to work at the magazine.

Francisco Rojas disappears during Positivo magazine's party. Rogelio Vivas tries to make people think Mauricio has something to do with the disappearing. Mauricio and Juana escape to the mountains but Rogelio and Carlota start looking for them and finally find Mauricio and Juana with a new-born child.

Juana la Virgen - telenovela

(2002) - Mayra Africano, Ricardo Álamo, Juan Carlos Alarcón


Ricardo Álamo ... Mauricio De La Vega
Juan Carlos Alarcón ... Manuel Ramón Pérez, a.k.a. Manolito
Daniela Alvarado ... Juana Pérez
Gioia Arismendi ... Lili
Ana Gabriela Barboza ... María Rosa
Norkys Batista ... Desirée de Rojas
Martín Brassesco ... Humberto Vivas
Carlos Camacho ... Carlos, el instructor
José Félix Cárdenas ... Pacheco
Verónica Cortez ... Bibi
Antonio Cuevas ... Ramón
Sandra De Abreu ... Kiara
Roxana Díaz ... Carlota Vivas de De La Vega
Sebastián Falco ... Ricardo
Miguel Ferrari ... Armando
Freddy Galavís ... Pablo, a.k.a. Popeye
Flor Elena González ... Amparo de Vivas
Francisco Guinot
Crisbel Henriquez ... Petrica
Petite Kutlesa
Julie Lima ... Brandy Yuleisy
Gioia Lombardini ... Eva
Eliana López ... Enriqueta
Gabriel López Medrano ... Rafael
Saúl Marín ... Francisco Rojas
Leonardo Marrero ... Alfredo Vivas
María Alejandra Martín ... Ana María Pérez
Erika Medina ... Luisa Marina
Jonathan Montenegro ... David
Laura Muñoz ... Shiva
Michelle Nassef ... Virginita
Luis Gerardo Núñez ... Alfonso
Gabriel Parisi ... Micky
Auriluz Pérez ... Petrica
Aura Rivas ... Azucena de Pérez
Manuel Salazar ... Salvador
Miguel Ángel Sanz ... Nicolás
Eduardo Serrano ... Rogelio Vivas
Virginia Urdaneta
Javier Valcárcel ... Alejandro
Hugo Vásquez ... Famous model
Mayra Africano

Writing credits
Basilio Álvarez
Germán Aponte
Irene Calcaño
Perla Farías
Julio César Mármol hijo
Julio César Mármol
Cristina Policastro

Song: "Solo a Tu Lado Quiero Vivir"
Written by: David Elizondo, Jasond Calderón, Rafael Calderón, Álex Martínez, Chelo Mejías, Samuel Padua
Singing: Jyve V

Original music
Francisco Cabrujas

Cinematography by
Rolando Loewenstein
Rafael Marín

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by Basilio Álvarez
Germán Aponte
Irene Calcaño
Perla Farías
Julio César Mármol hijo
Julio César Mármol
Cristina Policastro

Produced by
Hernando Faria
Jhonny Pulido

Radio Caracas Television (RCTV)


In 2003 this telenovela was nominated for INTE Award as the Soap of the Year.

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