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Kassandra telenovelaAndreina Arocha, the daughter of a rich landlord, is captivated by the clowns, the wild animals, and a Gypsy fortuneteller who relates wonderful things the future has in store. Unbeknownst to Andreina, the fortuneteller actually sees a tragic destiny for her and something mysterious forewarns that their paths will meet again. One year later when the circus returns, Andreina has died of a fatal illness after giving birth to a baby girl. At the same time, Andreina's stepmother, Herminia, an unscrupulous and overly-ambitious woman, discovers that a Gypsy from the circus and her newborn have died during childbirth.

Herminia, who has twin sons from a previous marriage and wants them to be sole heirs to the Arocha fortune, develops a devious plan and carries it out with the help of a hired hand. One dark night, he follows Herminia's orders to exchange the infants. In the crib, the lifeless body of the infant Gypsy replaces Andreina's healthy child who in turn is given to the Gypsies. The next day, the circus packs up and leaves town.

One day the circus returns and so does Kassandra, who has grown to be a beautiful young woman. According to Gypsy tradition, the woman who raised Kassandra, her supposed grandmother, promised her hand in matrimony when she was an infant to Randu, a rough young man who is now the leader of the tribe.


Coraima Torres as Andreina Arocha

Andreina is an affectionate, vulnerable and very beautiful girl with a generous heart of the Gypsy people. She is secretly in love with the young doctor Ernesto Rangel and he is asked by Alfonso, Andreina’s father, to marry her to make her happy before she dies. She is sick with leukemia and before she dies she marries Ernest, makes a honey-moon trip and delivers a baby-girl from Ernesto who also dies during his foreign trip.

Coraima Torres as Kassandra

Kassandra is a beautiful young woman, dark-haired with blue eyes, who is to marry to a young, abusive and bossy leader of Gypsy nation Randu according to local Gypsy traditions. In contrast, she is captured with Luis David, a young handsome man she meets at the circus fair to fall in love with. Luis David decides to leave the town and Kassandra to the course of life since he is aware she has to marry the Gypsy baron.

Nury Flores as Herminia Arocha

Herminia is a cruel, despotic and merciless woman. She is the whole devil in what she thinks, believes and does. She is the one to ruin lives of people around her. She aspires to inherit the fortune of her husband and thus, she hates, Andreina as her rival for the fortune to hunt. She takes a sin exchanging babies of Andreina and young Gipsy girls to prevent Kassandra inherit the wealth of Alfonso. in the meantime, Kassandra falls in love with her son and appears in her own house to make her shocked.

Osvaldo Rios as Luis David/Ignacio

Luis David is a romantic, well-mannered and open-hearted one of the twins. He meets Kassandra, kisses her but realizes he is not the one to be with her and disappears. He cares of her reputation in the tribe leaving her behind.

Ignacio is an ambitious, mean and prudent as his mother. He does not hesitate to deceive Kassandra to make his financial position stronger.

Kassandra - telenovela

(1991 - 1992) - Coraima Torres, Osvaldo Ríos, Henry Soto


Coraima Torres ... Andreína Arocha
Osvaldo Ríos ... Ignacio Contreras
Henry Soto ... Randú
Raúl Xiqués ... Alfonso Arocha
Carmencita Padrón ... Ofelia Alonso
Nury Flores ... Herminia Arocha
Esperanza Magaz ... Dorinda
Alexander Milic ... Matías Osorio
Carlos Arreaza ... Tomás
Hylene Rodríguez ... Lilia Rosa Alonso
Iván Tamayo ... Héctor Quintero
Loly Sánchez ... Rosaura Osorio
Fernando Flores ... Simón
Verónica Cortez ... Yaritza
Juan Frankis ... Marcelino
Erika Medina ... Isabel 'Chabela' Contreras
Rafael Romero ... Glinka
Cecilia Villarreal ... Gema Salazar
Roberto Moll ... Manrique Alonso
Mimi Sills ... Elvira Alonso
Manuel Escolano ... Roberto Alonso
Miguel de León ... Ernesto Rangel
Saúl Martínez ... Doctor
Nelly Prigoryan ... Verushka
Lupe Barrado
Ron Duarte
Pedro Durán ... Calunga
Eduardo Gadea Pérez ... Juez
Margarita Hernández ... Norma de Castro
María Hinojosa
Félix Landaeta ... Dr. Carrión
Frank Moreno ... Comandante
Júlio Mújica
José Oliva ... Dr. Olivera
Carlos Omaña
Juan Ramón ... Himself

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo

Written by: José Antonio Bordell
Singing: José Antonio Bordell

Original music
Federico Gattorno

Cinematography by
Jesús Méndez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Delia Fiallo

Produced by
Hernando Faria
Alberto Giarroco
Leonor Sotillo

Coral Pictures Corp. de Venezuela


Earned an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Spanish TV series broadcast in the greatest number of countries - 128.

This telenovela lasted 150 episodes, and it achieved a significant amount of success outside Venezuela, it was extremely successful in its airing in Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Syria, other Eastern European countries, Indonesia, Italy and other countries.

The Televisa telenovela Peregrina is a remake of this show.

The russian remake of the telenovela named "Prinzessa zyrka" was made in 2007-2008

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salim  - kassandra   |2010-04-14 12:59:42
it was the best telefilme on the world i was little when it played on elgerian tv on 1995 i was 11 but i take the better sweeet memories on my life thank you thank you thank you of all actors and specialy for coraima tprres and henry sotto
Felix  - SALUDOS   |2010-07-28 03:57:02
hola yo vi esta novela Kassandra
encerio no e visto otra novela asi como esa es la mejor que yo e visto en toda mi vida.'
les agradeceria si me pudieran desir donde la puedo comprar que este toda completa. grasias
Anonymous   |2011-07-30 11:18:00
El mejor momento, me gustaba entonces y ahora al personal de Henry Soto-a.Lo pienso que es mejor que el papel de un personaje y Luis Ignacio Davida.Alguno que antes de esta serie está relacionada con la música popular gitana (en español), e incluso con que mas.Esa pasión por la música, la danza ... siento que su personaje muere, podrían inventar otra cosa.
Sanja  - El mejor   |2011-07-30 11:19:39
El mejor momento, me gustaba entonces y ahora al personal de Henry Soto-a.Mislim que es mejor que el papel de un personaje y Luis Ignacio Davida.Nekako que antes de esta serie está relacionada con la música popular gitana (en español), e incluso con que vise.Ta pasión por la música, la danza ... siento que su personaje muere, podrían inventar otra cosa.
SANDRA RODRIGUEZ  - KASSANDRA   |2012-06-19 04:47:20
quisiera volver a ver esta novela
Ingrid  - Kasssandra   |2012-10-25 17:26:45
I was watching this novela on the telenovela network and they just stopped mid way and started another one. What's up with that.
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