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Leonela telenovelaA young beauty Leonela is roughly raped by a drunk at the eve of her wedding. She is virging though her husband-to-be drops her, as do most of her friends - but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and Leonela's spirit triumphs as she becomes one of the best attorneys in town, though her heart hardens. It happens with almost all women, though.

In the meantime, a humble and repentant Pedro Luis goes to law school in prison as he pays his debt to society. Many years later, Leonela and Pedro Luis face each other - he still loves her, but will she open her heart to him? And where is the child of rape she gave up for adoption?

Leonela - telenovela

(1983) - Mayra Alejandra, Carlos Olivier, Loly Sánchez, Javier Vidal


Mayra Alejandra ... Leonela Ferrari Mirabal
Carlos Olivier ... Pedro Luis Guerra
Loly Sánchez ... Nieves María Bermudez
Javier Vidal ... Rafael
Cecilia Villarreal ... Selenia
Hazel Leal ... Tibisay
Gladys Cáceres ... Estela Mirabal
Carlos Márquez ... Joaquin Machado
Nancy González ... Claudia Montaño
Alfonso Urdaneta ... Homero Ferrari
Mahuampi Acosta ... Doña Delfina
Argenis Chirivela ... Cayetano Navas
Flavio Caballero ... Manaure
Eric Noriega ... Trino
Carlos Villamizar ... Ramon Guerra
Gustavo González ... Medico
Carlos Mata ... Willy Gonzalez Diaz
Jeannette Rodríguez ... Paty
Carlos Cámara Jr. ... Otto Mendoza
Hilda Abrahamz ... Maribella
Miguel Alcantara ... Nelson Martinez
Juan Frankis ... Marcantaya de Oliveira
Chony Fuentes ... Nieves Maria
Dilia Waikaran ...
Omaira Abinade ... Margarita 'Maggie' Trejo
Virginia Vera ...
Umberto Buonocuore ... Vicenzo di Pasquale
Tomás Henríquez ... Arcadio
Nohely Arteaga ... Amiga de Bella
Julio Capote ... Pacheco
Víctor Cuica ... Chirulin
Alejo Felipe ... Luis Cabrera Suarez
Fernando Gil ...
Reina Hinojosa ...
Antonio Lucio ...
Antonio Machuca ... Amigo de Guarapo
Cinthia Moreno ...
Júlio Mújica ... El Tortolero
Augusto Mudarra ...
Maria Nieves ...
Maura Ochoa ...
Beda Peña ...
Roberto Perez ...
Jackeline Russo ...
Alfredo Sandoval ...
Soraya Sanz ... Maruca
Rafael Vallenilla ... Alfonso Mendoza
Dinorah Zambrano ...
Patricia Toffoli ... Neida Salazar
Alex Phillips ...
Jesmin Gonzalez ...
Ileana Jacket ... Raitza
Olga Rojas ... Iman Sule
Manolo Ramirez ...
Diana Juda ... Vivi
Lourdes Valera ... Dependienta
Lorenzo Henriquez ... Reo
Amalia Pérez Díaz ... Lic.Medina
Humberto García ... Marco Tulio Zerpa
Rosario Prieto ... Rodriguez
Ernesto Balzi ... Alfredo Michelena
América Barrio ... Marta
Enrique Soto ... Medico
Ignacio Navarro ... Siquiatra
Franklin Vírgüez ... Damian Cedeño
María Cristina Lozada ...
Alejandro Mata ... Damian Cedeño
Elisa Escámez ... Amparo
Marisela Buitriago ... Lorena
Barbara Mosquera ... Silvana
Charles Barry ... Luis Angel Sortijo
Alberto Álvarez ... Padre Jimenez
Scarlet Villalobos ... Chelita
Virgilio Galindo ... Padre
Armando Valerio ... Medico
Judith Vasquez ... Monica

Writing credits
Esther Bracho
Delia Fiallo

Song: "Ladrón de Tu Amor"
Written by: Luis Guillermo González, Enrique Hidalgo
Singing: Gualberto Ibarreto

Original music
Enrique Hidalgo

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
César Henríquez

Produced by
Alberto Giarroco
Arquímedes Rivero

Radio Caracas Televisión


The theme song became a big hit.

The novela was surrounded by controversy (because the tematic of rape and love, similar to the Luke and Laura plotline from USA soap-opera General Hospital and was ended, but because of the popularity, the history actually continued in another telenovela. A remake, titled "Leonela, muriendo de amor", was made in Perú in 1997.

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puertorra  - top 10   |2010-03-10 00:24:58
definitivamente unica,inreverente y sin duda una tematica atrevida y arriesgada.excelente telnovela clasica.
milagros rosario  - Leonela   |2010-07-27 16:31:57
esa novela fue espectacular tremenda novela yo la veia con mi abuelita por que a ella le encantaban las novelas venezolanas como esa novela ninguna y si es comn mayra alejandra,carlos oliver,jose luis rodriguez,janette rodrigezen todos esos artista de venezuela que trabajan tan bien Dios los bendiga a todos y si volvieran a darlas mejor todavia.
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