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Luisa Fernanda

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Luisa Fernanda telenovelaDesire and spontaneity are hallmarks of the young, who often play emotional games without regard for consequences. But three enchanting college coeds soon discover that life can be a most difficult teacher. They learn that nothing is free, and they will pay an immense price for their impetuous seductions and heedless romantic interludes. Luisa Fernanda’s background of privilege is no antidote for the love that is missing in her life. She thinks of Rodolfo as the prize in a childish romantic contest until her passions become real, placing her innocence and safety in danger. A spoiled and protected childhood ill-prepares her friend Alejandra for a passionate liaison with a married man. The turmoil stemming from the illicit alliance compels her to jeopardize both her future and that of her son. And Miriam, their country friend who is embarrassed about her humble beginnings, misrepresents herself through lies and fantasy. By reaching for stars that don’t exist, she risks living a life without love. The women’s brave pilgrimage empowers them to learn as they go, ultimately amassing the wisdom and inner strength necessary for finding the purity and power of real love.

Luisa Fernanda - telenovela

(1998 - 1999) - Scarlet Ortiz, Guillermo Pérez


Scarlet Ortiz ... Luisa Fernanda Riera
Guillermo Pérez ... Rodolfo Arismendi
Flavio Caballero ... Ignacio Riera
Crisol Carabal ... Miriam Linares
Beatriz Valdés ... Dinora Rodríguez
Dora Mazzone ... Alicia Suárez
Henry Soto ... Fabián Salgado
Ricardo Alamo ... .... Miguel Enrique
Dilia Waikaran ... Juanita
Manuel Salazar ... Vicenzio
Humberto García ... Justo
Chony Fuentes ... Doña Liliana de Arismendi
Ricardo Álamo ... Miguel Enrique
Dessideria D'Caro ... Alejandra
Yul Bürkle ... Gustavo Cazán
Yoletty Cabrera ... Gladys
Gladiuska Acosta ... Bombón
Julio César Castro ... El Topo
Diana Patricia
Víctor Rosa Blanco
Gabriela Babino ... Dubraska
Ricardo Malfatti
Iván Tamayo ... Mauricio Toscano
Carlos Guillermo Haydon ... Víctor
Manuel Sosa
María Eugenia Favaro ... Leticia Toscano
Carlos Camacho
Jennifer Milano ... Laura Negrín
Jhonny Zapata ... Taxista
Ángel Javier Bastardo ... Picure
Samuel González
Kristin Pardo
Marielena Pereira

Writing credits
Xiomara Moreno (original idea)
Luis Colmenares
Rossana Negrín
Xiomara Moreno

Song: Mas De Lo Que Pedi
Written by:
Singing: Marta Sanchez

Original music
David Montoro

Cinematography by
Domingo Fuentes
Rafael Marín

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Otto Rodríguez
Mateo Manaure

Produced by
Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja
Miguelangel Chiquito
Jose Gerardo Guillén
Ana Vizoso González



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