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María de los Ángeles

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María de los Ángeles telenovelaThis story begins with a pact of love between two children who dare to defy destiny. As the street romance grows more intense over the years, it ironically becomes the most turbulent and vindictive relationship that two human beings can bear. Orquidea, the stepdaughter of a wealthy landowner, falls in love with Radames, a man of humble origins. Believing that Radames has betrayed her, she accepts an arranged marriage with a rich man, vowing to take revenge on the man she truly loves. From that moment, vengeance is their passion... and money becomes the object of their desires.

Against Orquidea's wishes, her brother, Hector, marries a poor woman named Rosalind. Shortly before the birth of their daughter, Hector dies in an automobile accident. Following the tragedy, Orquidea forces Rosalinda to leave the hacienda, swearing to kill her and the baby in order to prevent them from inheriting the family fortune. In an effort to protect her daughter, Rosalind takes the infant to a convent where she is raised by nuns. The child, Maria de los Angeles, will one day return to claim her fortune despite the danger she is bound to face. Maria de los Angeles's life will be threatened by her aunt's lies which will cause her imprisonment for a crime she didn't commit. In her struggle to recover her fortune, Maria meets two men, Rodrigo and Jorge. Rodrigo, raised in a world of wealth, is attractive and ambitious. Jorge, raised in savage world, is brave and as impulsive as nature. Both will fall in love with her, and both will make her feel betrayed. Only one really loves her. Will she be able to make the right choice?


Lilibeth Morillo as Maria de los Angeles

Maria is a young woman in her 30s. She is a day-dreamer, very tender and romantic. She is smart, diligent and very responsive.

Albertano Santacruz as Marcelo Cezan Jorge de la Rosa

Aged 30, he is feather-bedded young man. He is very handsome and he cares a lot of his looks. He is joyful, erratic and cynic. He is very charismatic, person loved to be in the core of public attention. When person in need, he is eager to give a hand.

Ricardo Álamos as Rogelio Vargas

Rogelio is the brother to Rosalinda Basanta. A young perspective man, very attractive and sensible. He is too hesitant in his feelings to Orquídea Córdoba Escalante and Radamés Basanta. The choice is yet to come.

Juan Carlos Alarcón as Aurelio Vargas Villafañe

Aurelio Vargas is a young man of very interesting looks. He is different from others in the way he looks, thinks and behaves. And this is why he attracts women’s attention.

María de los Ángeles - telenovela

(1997) - Lilibeth Morillo, Marcelo Cézan


Lilibeth Morillo ... María de los Ángeles
Marcelo Cézan ... Jorge de la Rosa
Ricardo Álamo ... Rogelio Vargas
Juan Carlos Alarcón ... Aurelio Vargas Villafañe
Daniela Alvarado
Ricardo Bianchi ... Félix Rebolledo
Crisol Carabal ... Alba Griselda
Carlos Cruz ... Hector
María Eugenia Favaro
Guillermo Ferrán
Eduardo Gadea Pérez
Amanda Gutiérrez
Tomás Henríquez
Martín Lantigua ... Don Teofilo Cordoba
Carlos Márquez
Dora Mazzone ... Salomé
Flor Núñez ... Rosalinda Basanta
Verónica Ortiz ... Andrea
Aracelli Prieto
Rosario Prieto
Francis Romero
Alba Roversi ... Orquídea Córdoba Escalante
Alberto Rowinsky ... Vladimir Arevelo
Loly Sánchez
Vicente Tepedino ... Rodrigo Arévalo
Carlos Villamizar
Franklin Vírgüez ... Radamés Basanta
Anabell Rivero

Writing credits
Laura Bollonio
Constantino Estévez
Manuel González
Julio César Mármol hijo
Julio César Mármol
Mélida Mármol

Song: Inmenso
Singing: Felix Valentino

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Olegario Barrera

Produced by
Hernando Faria
Jhonny Pulido



Consists of 113 episodes

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sheriam akins  - need it   |2010-01-16 01:21:57
i watched this movie as a teenager and its the most romantic movie i have ever watched. if anyone has this movie [b]please send it to my e-mail tried to find it on youtube but it's not there. thanks
Mike Cowah  - Request For this movie   |2010-03-15 13:02:30
I wached this movie very long time ago and will really like to see again...Can anyone having this movie post it on youtube? It is absolutely not there...Will kindly apprecialte if someone does... Thanks
OKEYO FREDERICK  - PLEASE CURE ME.   |2010-07-07 09:46:26
I watched this telenovela when i was very young and i must confess i have not seen any like it again. I really need to watch it again and I hope I can find it soon please if you have it just send it to me on my email i'll appreciate olot and lots of thanks. I am so desperate please cure me.
Suleiman Muhammad  - Please Kindly help out   |2010-11-21 23:07:45
please i darely need to watch this series but any suggestion how i can buy it?
pete  - HELP   |2011-03-08 11:50:20
This was my best soap opera of all time. Anyone with links to it or could you please email me the series as well as La usurpadora both translated into English
yoyo   |2011-03-12 01:58:38
any one has any idea where i could buy maria de los angeles,secret of the sands as well as La usurpadora , can't seem to get them off my mind since i watched them as a kid.emails very welcome
dobis  - please email me the series   |2011-08-19 18:23:32
this is the best tv series i have ever watched. i love this, i need it and i wanna watch it again. please email me the the series thanks
AOD DANIEL  - MARIA DE LOS ANGELES   |2011-09-03 15:05:26
I watch this program in 1999 very little as a boy and i love it so my country NIGERIA,that time the program was driving people crazy both young and old.i really want to have a copy maria de los angeles.
AMC TV  - Maria De Los Angeles   |2013-01-18 14:28:13
You can watch Maria De Los Angeles daily on AMC TV Channel 215 on StarTimes
freaky  - maria de Los Angeles   |2013-11-26 02:43:25
I have been looking to buy this full episode for 15years now. Check everywhere on the internet but no success.
I have checked on youtube, iTunes, amazon, eBay, Netflix. You name it but still no luck yet.
Can anyone help pls. Need to impress my mrs. Pls pls pls
LadyOmosh  - MARIA DE LOS ANGELES   |2011-09-17 17:28:46
I watched this movie wen i was in class 3,the most romantic movie i ever watched.I wish i could get a copy just to watch it over and over!
Luis Medina  - I want to buy it.   |2011-10-23 12:29:28
It remains the best opera movie of all time, please, can any one give me information/s on how to buy it. Very urgent pls.
victor ngugi  - maria de los angeles   |2011-11-27 10:26:25
please I beg to whoever has the series of maria de los angeles send it to my email
Peninah  - Maria del los angeles fan   |2012-05-25 19:26:17
I also watched the soap as a child and i hav'nt watched a better soap opera than it since. I don't have it but please if you do or already did, email it to me. Thanx in advance.
Peninah  - Maria del los angeles fan   |2012-05-25 19:26:24
I also watched the soap as a child and i hav'nt watched a better soap opera than it since. I don't have it but please if you do or already did, email it to me. Thanx in advance.
ismaila drammeh  - maria de los angeles   |2012-01-30 12:45:31
I watched this movie when i just started falling in love and it has taught me a lot. I really love to watch it again and again because i don't think i can be inspired by any other movie than Maria de los angeles.Please do sent it to me via e-mail.
prossie  - maria de los angeles   |2012-02-21 12:34:36
Please, how can i access the series, would love to watch them again.
pirye  - maria de los angeles and secret of the sand   |2012-03-06 01:07:38
Pls can anyone tell me where I can find this two soap opera!!!! Want to watch something fresh and sincere
loy  - maria delos angeles   |2012-03-22 13:26:22
plis send mi dat soap opera if u hv it on my email
taaj   |2012-04-16 18:06:07
hi there, does anyone know where i can get or watch this series please?would really appreciate any help or suggestions. thanks
racheal wanjiku  - maria de los angeles   |2012-04-30 12:32:53
i watched the telenovela when i was 13 and i have never forgotten is the best ever.
Ebrima Drammmeh  - Mr   |2012-05-14 17:46:07
I have watch this movie and I really do still thinks of the actress Maria and I do wish to see her life if I can link with her ( she is so great )
Elder Ogutu of The Church of J  - i'm dying for it   |2012-05-16 16:15:29
i watched this movie when i was a young boy and it was fantastic pls send me
Juliet  - pls i realy need it   |2012-05-16 16:36:33
Any one that knows or have the series of Maria de los angeles and wild rose, lady of the rose, n secret of the sand, should pls send to my email. Am really in love with these soaps cos I watch it in 1997 I was a little girl then pls I realy need it even if is where I will buy it cos I have looked for them but could not see it here in Nigeria
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