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María Rosa, Búscame una Esposa

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María Rosa, búscame una esposa telenovelaA bachelor with very little time or energy to invest in dating, Rafael Vargas suddenly decides that it is time to get married. And he assigns his secretary Maria Rosa to find him the best bride. The point is that she herself has been hopelessly in love with Rafael since the very day she began working at his company. To the successful businessman she so adores, Maria Rosa is the most capable and loyal of employees. He has never seen her as a woman, and she has resigned herself to this in silence just so she can be near him. And so she has spent the best years of her life doing a job that has proven indispensable for the company but has given her no personal rewards.

Her only consolation has been Rafael’s total lack of interest in establishing a serious relationship with anyone. That is why it pains her so much to discover that he is ready to marry anyone but her. After recovering from the first rage, Maria Rosa decides that the best way to handle this is to pretend that she is conducting an efficient search through serious matchmaking services, when in fact she is sabotaging the process by subjecting the candidates to tests so unreasonable that practically no one could pass.

This way she makes sure that Rafael never finds the ideal bride, and at the same time musters enough courage to change her strategy, become more attractive and try to win his love once and for all. Taking that trip turns out to be a terrible mistake for Maria Rosa, as upon her return she finds that a cunning, evil, ruthlessly ambitious woman has not only occupied her place in the company, but also stolen Rafael's unconquerable heart, taking him to the altar transformed into a love-blind puppet.

María Rosa, búscame una esposa - telenovela

(2000) - Gianella Neyra, Marcelo Cézan, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Orlando Fundichely


Gianella Neyra ... María Rosa Vargas
Marcelo Cézan ... Rafael Vargas
Chiquinquirá Delgado ... Eva Amador
Orlando Fundichely ... Miguel Cortés
Rebecca Scribens ... Yolanda García
Gabriel Calvo ... Federico Forero
Milagros Lopez ... Cristina Cortés
Rodrigo Sánchez Patiño ... Mario Cortés
Orlando Sacha ... Hernán García
Javier Delgiudice ... Héctor
Mabel Duclos ... Ana Forero
Marcelo Oxenford ... Fidel
Bernie Paz ... Gonzalo
Ana María Varela ... Libia Cadena

Writing credits
Dago García
Luis Felipe Salamanca

Song: "Lo Haré por ti"
Written by: Estéfano
Singing: Paulina Rubio

Cinematography by
Pedro Bergna
Fernando Vega

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luis Barrios
Aldo Salvini

Produced by
Jorge Félix
Luis Llosa
Margarita Morales Macedo

Iguana Producciones


This telenovela lasted 120 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.

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