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Mariú telenovelaMaría Eugenia Sanpedro, mostly known as Mariú, is a 19-year old young girl who lives in the poorest region in Caracas. She is more serious than other young girls due to regular lack of money to survive in the family. She is in despair when her mother Piedad has an asthma attack. Heriberto Bracho, a man who is after Mariú, is in the marriage with Tibizaida Morales, who always abuses their son Juan de Dios Morales. Heriberto is in love with Mariú for a long tie and he is ready to sacrifice a lot to be pleased by her. 

One day Mariú’s mother has another asthma attack but they are in short of money to afford purchasing necessary drugs and have a treatment. Moreover, Piedad was working as a servant-girl and was fired losing the chance to earn money for life. Heriberto Bracho comes to the decision to help his love to get money robbing the pharmacy. Mariú is suspicious about Heriberto’s intentions and she goes out to look for him. When she reaches the drugstore she hears the shots made by Heriberto and his friend. She notices him and she gets a bag with drugs together with the gun from him. The policemen notice the robbers and they try to stop the crime. Heliberto opens shooting. Emiliano, a young police officer, leaves his wife and rushes to catch the criminals. His wife is accidentally killed with a random bullet. When Emiliano comes back he finds his wife dead. He is sure the three people are there to rob the pharmacy with a girl as the accomplice. He does not recognize her face since she is standing against the sun.
When Mariú gets home, she is said to escape. But at the same moment she notices Emiliano and other officers coming to her place. They find the gun there and she is accused of the murder and the robbery.  Fingerprinting test reveal involvement of Heriberto who is put to jail.
Emiliano is blind for his fury to the murderer but he does not know who is guilty. Mariú and Emiliano fall in love with each other and then she has to take a significant decision, whether to reveal the truth about her indirect participation in robbery or keep it a secret to be with the person whom she loves desperately.


Daniela Alvarado as Maria Eugenia Sampedro
A humble girl from the poor family. She is attractive, merciful and too considerate for her age since life is not the thing to enjoy: she has to really survive earning every piece of fortune. She finds Heriberto pleasant but not as a person she can live and love. She loves Emiliano but she cannot choose whether to reveal the truth or keep everything in secret to live with her beloved. They get married and have a child in the marriage but Emiliano ruins relations reproaching and still looking for the murderer of his previous wife, ignoring Mariu and their child. Finally, she is fed with such attitude and wants nothing from him.

Carlos Montilla as Emiliano Galvez
A serious-looking police officer. He is strong and athletic. Emiliano adores his job since he is a punctual, responsible person adherent to observing laws and rules. e is well-organized and self-motivated to perfectly fulfill his obligations. He is furious with the death of his beloved spouse and he swears to take revenge of the murderer. He is authorized to take measures as a policeman but he never abuses. He suddenly falls in love with Mariu though he is still investigating the case of robbery with murder. His ide fix is to find the girl-criminal and he is almost mad about it.

Dora Mazzone as Tibizaida Morales
Tibizaida is Heliberto’s spouse. Neither him nor her is happy in the marriage. She is bossy and abusive. She ill-treats her son, Juan. He is even ready to escape from her tyranny.

Henry Soto as Heriberto Bracho
Heliberto is in love with Mariu for a long time. He is unhappy with Tibizaida and he seeks for love from a poor girl. Hoping to help her, he and his friend go to rob the drugstore.

Mariú - telenovela

(1999 - 2000) - Daniela Alvarado, Carlos Montilla


Daniela Alvarado ... Maria Eugenia Sampedro
Carlos Montilla ... Emiliano Galvez
Sonya Smith ... Coralia Lozada de Gálvez
Crisol Carabal ... Amada Gálvez Escorza
Dora Mazzone ... Tibizaida Morales
Henry Soto ... Heriberto Bracho
Vicente Tepedino ... Malaquías Navarrete
Iván Tamayo ... Padre Justino Mata
Verónica Ortiz ... Aurora Gálvez Escorza
Dessideria D'Caro ... Ambar Sanayo
Carlos Villamizar ... Alejandro Gálvez
Dalila Colombo ... Piedad Sampedro
Manuel Salazar ... Jeremías Hidalgo
Francis Rueda ... Grecia Buenaventura de Lozada
Jorge Palacios ... Cornelio Lozada
Martín Lantigua ... Benigno Garcisilva
Albi De Abreu ... Marco Tulio Cárdenas
Estefanía López ... Andreina Reyes
Carlos Guillermo Haydon ... Romerito
Francis Romero ... Romelia Bernal
Freddy Galavís
Rosario Prieto
Juan Carlos García ... David Marcano
Winston Vallenilla ... Dr. Leonardo Izaguirre
Yamilé Yordi ... Cinthia
Daniel Alvarado Jr. ... Juan de Dios
Jesus Cervo
Marcelo Cézan
Eduardo Gadea Pérez
Humberto García
Samuel González ... Roberto
Nacho Huett
Daniel Jiménez
Danny Jimenez
Ricardo Malfatti
Herminia Martínez ... Anna Mercedes
Sandy Olivares ... Carlos
Marielena Pereira ... Mileidy
Aracelli Prieto
Leopoldo Regnault
Alberto Rowinsky
Freddy Salazar
Jose Uriastegui
Dilia Waikaran

Writing credits
Julio César Mármol

Written by: Amaury Gutiérrez
Singing: Amaury Gutiérrez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Olegario Barrera

Produced by
Jhonny Pulido Mora



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puertorriqueña  - me encanta....   |2010-01-08 18:20:31
Me encanta y lo digo en presente,por que aunke esta novela es de hace 10 años, yo la descubri en youtube el año pasado,ademas de que no la he terminado de ver,por que la persona que la subia, no terminó de hacerlo.espero poder comprarla para verla completa.
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