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Marta y Javier

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Marta y Javier telenovelaA medical student named Javier falls in love with Marta who is the daughter to the hospital director. In his eagerness to persuade her, they suffer an accident in which Marta is left blind. But she must face yet another tragedy: the death of her father. These sudden blows fill her with bitterness and, blaming Javier, she refuses to accept that she is in love with him. The young doctor, filled with guilt, goes abroad to specialize in eye surgery and upon his return, he successfully operates on Marta, who does not know who her surgeon is.

Marta y Javier - telenovela

(1983) - Mayra Alejandra, Carlos Olivier


Mayra Alejandra ... Marta Galvan
Carlos Olivier ... Javier Contreras
Romelia Agüero ... Enfermera Marquez
Miguel Alcantara ... Corona
Avelino Angulo ...
Luis Aular ...
Charles Barry ... Luis Camilo Martinez
Enrique Benshimol ... Alvaro Galvan
Lucio Bueno ... Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Cámara Jr. ... Dr. Diaz
Tatiana Capote ... Julia Martinez
Miriam Cordero ...
Luis Alberto de Mozos ... Samuel Ordoñez
Rodolfo Drago ... Guillermo Ortiz
Ron Duarte ...
Lino Ferrer ... Felipe
Carlos Flores ... Dr. Jimenez
Nury Flores ... Paulina Bello
Henry Galué
Tibisay Gomez ...
Hilario Gonzalez ...
Nancy González ... Brenda Arizmendi
Violeta Gonzalez ...
Tomás Henríquez ... Julio Bermudez
Hazel Leal ... Maria Antonieta
Karla Luzbel ...
Alfredo Marquez ...
Patricia Noguera ... Elsa
Esther Orjuela ... Celia
Fernando Ortega
Blanca Pereira
Amalia Pérez Díaz ... Doña Eleonora
Rosario Prieto ... Lucia Perez
Igor Reveron ... Agustin Fajardo
Cristina Reyes ...
Silvio Rixis ...
Axel Rodriguez
Otto Rodríguez
Regina Romano ...
Soraya Sanz ... Moncha
Giovanni Sosa ...
Humberto Tancredi ... Pacheco
Rafael Vallenilla
Virginia Vera ...
Javier Vidal ... Ernesto
Imperio Zanmataro

Writing credits
Alicia Avila
María Antonieta Gómez
Ligia Lezama
Ligia Lezama
Pedro Felipe Ramírez

Song: "Un .Buen Perdedor"
Written by: Franco de Vita
Singing: Franco de Vita

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
César Bolívar

Produced by
Omar Pin

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


This telenovela ran for 64 episodes and was distributed internationally by Coral International.

Carlos Olivier was a member of the Factory of Young Actors of RCTV. During the five years that he lived in the United States, Olivier appeared in two episodes of the police TV series Miami Vice.

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