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Más que Amor, Frenesí

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Mas que Amor... Frenesi telenovelaOrdinary people leading ordinary lives … just like you and me … come to live in this story. We share life’s experiences with a group of men and women who love each other with a driving passion that few ever experience.

We go through their daily lives with them and endure their struggles as they fight to make their dreams come true. Raw emotion is never far from the surface and we too will experience that emotion as the plot unfolds. We will also experience their pain as reality often comes between them and their goals.

But every day brings new opportunities to these people just as it does for us. With those new opportunities comes new hope that our goals are achievable and, given time, we will attain them.

Mas que Amor... Frenesi - telenovela

(2001) - Wanda D'Isidoro, Mario Cimarro


Wanda D'Isidoro ... Virginia Fajardo de Lara
Mario Cimarro ... Santiago Guerrero
Maritza Adames ... López
Raúl Amundaray ... Tadeo Guerrero
Rocío Bastidas ... Attractive Woman
Asdrúbal Blanco ... Edisson
César Román Bolívar ... Pablo
Mario Brito ... Chicho
Maritza Bustamante ... María Fernanda López Fajardo
Martha Carbillo ... Justina
Ana Karina Casanova ... Carmela Crespo
Yanis Chimaras ... Pompeyo López
Cindy Carol De Silva ... Alejandra Pimentel Fajardo
Kimberly Dos Ramos ... Anastasia 'Taty' Lara Fajardo
Lenin Dos Ramos ... Rodrigo Pimentel Fajardo
Daniel Elbitar ... Alberto José 'Tito' Rodríguez Pacheco
Carmen Francia ... Clemencia
Juan Frankis ... Anselmo Lander / Carterito
Chony Fuentes ... Pepita Pacheco
Juan Galeno ... Jacinto
Víctor Hernández ... Serafín
Ramón Hinojosa ... Tapia
Pedro Lander ... Marco Tulio Bracamonte
Jean Paul Leroux ... Chacón
Deyalit López ... Jennifer
Herminia Martínez ... Perpetua de Fajardo
Ana Massimo ... Clarita
Frank Mendez ... Camacaro
Candela Montesinos ... Ana
Adelaida Mora ... Belinda
Elizabeth Morales ... Socorro Angulo
Johana Morales ... Nubis Mayo
Isabel Moreno ... Corazón
Michelle Nassef ... Michelle
Denise Novell ... Consuelo 'Chelo' Pacheco
Cristina Obín ... La Gran Betancourt
Patricia Oliveros ... María Consuela
Margarita Ortega ... María Patricia Mendoza
Rolando Padilla ... Preston Echevarría
Mónica Pereda ... Samira
Reinaldo José Pérez ... Casto Manuel
Carolina Perpetuo ... Mercedes Fajardo de López
Victor Rentoya ... Norton
Rafael Romero ... Abelardo Pimentel
Jean Carlo Simancas ... Orestes Lara
José Manuel Suárez ... Fernando José 'Nandito' López Pacheco
Vicente Tepedino ... Teodoro
José Torres ... Pío
Jenny Valdés ... Xiolimar
Gigi Zanchetta ... Hada Marina Fajardo de Pimentel

Writing credits
Mónica Montáñez
César Miguel Rondón

Song: "Frenesi"
Written by: Alberto Dominguez, Leonard Whitcup
Singing: Oscar D'León

Original music
Daniel Espinoza

Cinematography by
Antonio García

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Amado Dehesa
Carlos Izquierdo
Édgar Liendo
Arquímedes Rivero

Produced by
Dayan Coronado
Sandra Rioboo



This telenovela first aired in January 2001 and ran for 105 episodes.

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