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Mi Gorda Bella

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Mi Gorda Bella telenovelaValentina is a young woman with the heavy weight though tons of love inside a heart as big as her own body. She nevertheless wins the affection of all those around her, including the love of her handsome opposite leading man, Orestes, of whom she always dreamed, but never imagined in real life at her feet.

The great ambition of Olimpia (who everyone thought was Valentinas aunt) was the compass that ruled her life, taking her on different roads, where she had the opportunity of having fun and falling in love, but it also made her become the victim of great deceptions, humiliations and sufferings.

Valentina will fight for justice in clearing up her parents’ death and recover the inheritance that belongs to her following her parent’s wishes, even though it might put her love for Orestes in danger.

Once she fulfills her objective, she will not rest until she recovers love.

Mi Gorda Bella - telenovela

(2002 - 2003) - Juan Pablo Raba, Natalia Streignard


Antonio Cuevas ... Doctor
Ivette Domínguez
Leopoldo Regnault ... Santiago
Natalia Streignard ... Bella de la Rosa
Juan Pablo Raba ... Orestes Villanueva Mercouri
Hilda Abrahamz ... Olimpia Mercouri de Villanueva
Emma Rabbe ... Tza Tza Lanz (Sása)
Norkys Batista ... Chiquinquirá Lorenz Rivero
Marianela González ... Pandora Villanueva Mercouri
Flavio Caballero ... Juan Ángel Villanueva
Jerónimo Gil ... Franklin Carreño
Luciano D'Alessandro ... Román Fonseca
Belén Marrero ... Camelia Rivero de Lorenz
Félix Loreto ... Lorenzo Lorenz
Aileen Celeste ... Ariadna Villanueva Mercouri
Carlos Álvarez ... Aquiles Villanueva Mercouri
Prakriti Maduro ... Ninfa
Amalia Pérez Díaz ... Celeste Villanueva de Dupont
Carlos Márquez ... Segundo Villanueva
Marcos Moreno ... Roque Juliá
Ana Beatriz Osorio ... Beatriz Carreño
Hugo Vásquez ... Jordi Rosales
Sandra Martínez ... Fabiola
Daniel Anibal Blasco ... Samuel Robinson
Mayra Africano ... Nereida
Nathalie Cortez ... Jessica Lopez "J.Lo"
Mimí Lazo ... Eva Lanz de Villanueva
Kareliz Ollarves ... Débora Pereira
Laureano Olivares ... Careperro
Rodolfo Renwick ... Jorge Campos
Sonia Villamizar ... Natalia
Aleska Díaz Granados ... Vivian Durán
Daniel Alvarado ... José Manuel Sevilla
José Manuel Ascensao ... Ezquinaci
Dora Mazzone ... Angelica
Soraya Sanz ... Mama Dolores
Llena Aloma ... Pepa Lopez Castro "Pepita"
José Ángel Ávila ... Jose Ignacio Pacheco
Abelardo Behna ... Alejandro Silva
Jeanette Flores ... Consuelito
Edgar Gomez ... Commisary Pantoja
Edgar Gómez ... Comisario Pantoja
José Carlos Grillet ... Daniel Eduardo
Enrique Izquierdo ... Macedonio Ortega
Eric Noriega ... Benigno Matiz
Sandy Olivares ... Javier
Martha Pabón ... Gladiola
Kristin Pardo ... Carmen
Miguel Angel Perez ... Boligoma
Manuel Salazar ... Luis Felipe Villanueva
Gabriela Santeliz ... Rita
Jesús Seijas ... Mateo
Manuel Sosa ... Joel
Elisa Stella ... Doña Elena
Virginia Urdaneta
Winston Vallenilla

Writing credits
Carolina Espada
Rossana Negrín

Song: "Poco a poco"
Written by: Jeremías
Singing: Jeremías

Original music
Francisco Cabrujas

Cinematography by
Domingo Fuentes
Rafael Núñez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
José Alcalde
Luis Padilla

Produced by
Ana Vizoso González
Joy Guilarte
Yenni Morales
Yenny Morales
Leonor Sardi

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


Broadcast in Malaysia on channel NTV7.

When 'Mi Dora Bella' was broadcasted in Spain, it failed to be on due to the rating as compared with the success during first weeks.

Norkys Batista had to feature 3 women, similar in look but very confronting from inside - Anastasia, Catalina and Alejandro.

The further remake of telenovela "Mi Gorda Bella" is mexican telenovela "Bella" (2010) with Valentino Lanús, Ariadne Díaz

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Marina  - Televisa's Llena de amor   |2010-08-01 10:48:19
Televisa have their own version called llena de amor that is currently showing on Univision. I loved Mi Gorda Bella and it was also shown on Telemundo. Since televisa has now become popular with their refitos,why should i bother watching llena de amor if i have already watched this one?
beba  - song   |2010-10-27 16:53:12
love it.. I loved mi gorda bella. need to know the name of the song when the police careno and chikinkira appear togheter i love that song please!!
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