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Mis Tres Hermanas

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Mis Tres Hermanas telenovelaThis is a story of true love and how conflicts born from love can be too much for one family to bear. Lisa Estrada, a young nurse, is forever loyal to her older brother Augusto, who raised his three sisters after the death of their parents. Her unexpected and profound love for Santiago Ortega, a handsome, hard-working engineer, will reveal secrets almost too painful for everyone to face.

Santiago, himself pursued by women who cannot resist his charms, will risk all that he has for the love of Lisa. Sadly, others will do all they can to deny him that love. The family is further tested when a mysterious disease threatens their community and the life of Beatriz, Lisa's youngest sister. The epidemic brings the surprising arrival of Jacinto - the father they believed was long dead - now a brilliant scientist on a mission to cure this deadly disease. His return will reopen scars that Lisa, her sisters, and their brother Augusto thought were healed. Lisa, her beloved Santiago, and her sisters Beatriz and Sylvia will nearly lose everything in their struggles against treachery, disease, and financial hardship. But, as he has so many times in the past, Augusto will rescue them all, reuniting Lisa with Santiago, and bringing back the harmony the Estrada family had lost so long ago.

Mis Tres Hermanas - telenovela

(2000) - Scarlet Ortiz, Ricardo Álamo, Roxana Díaz, Carlos Cruz


Scarlet Ortiz ... Lisa Estrada Rossi
Ricardo Álamo ... Santiago Ortega Díaz
Roxana Díaz ... Margarita Alvarez
Carlos Cruz ... Augusto Estrada Rossi
Dad Dager ... Silvia Estrada Rossi
Ricardo Bianchi ... Carlos Salas
Chantal Baudaux ... Beatriz Estrada Rossi 'La Beba'
Jonathan Montenegro ... Francisco Moreno
Marlene De Andrade ... Barbara Solis Quintero
Yul Bürkle ... Anibal Solis Quintero
Marisela Buitriago ... Sofia Quintero de Solis
Joel Borges ... Roberto
Gioia Arismendi
Ana Gabriela Barboza ... Rubí
César Bencid
Oscar Cabrera ... Frank
Jesus Cervo
Ivonne Conte
Antonio Cuevas ... Vicente Quintana
Luis Alberto de Mozos ... Alvaro Galíndez
Jerónimo Gil ... Dr. Gustavo Martínez
Martha Gomez
Flor Elena González ... Delia
Virginia González
Ralph Kinnard
Gioia Lombardini ... Eloísa Díaz de Ortega
Estefanía López ... Esmeralda
Mirela Mendoza ... Isabel Méndez
Roberto Moll ... Jacinto Estrada
Laura Muñoz ... Sor Caridad
Luis Gerardo Núñez ... Jorge Ignacio Montero
Gabriel Parisi ... Tomás
Rhandy Piñango
Rodolfo Renwick ... Javier
Aura Rivas
Manuel Salazar ... Ernesto Solís
Gabriela Santeliz ... Anabel
Gerardo Soto
Elena Toledo ... Carolina
Mariam Valero

Writing credits
Perla Farías (original idea)
Luis Colmenares
Rossana Negrín

Song: "A Puro Dolor"
Written by: Omar Alfanno
Singing: Son By Four

Original music
Romulo Gallegos
Armando Mosquera

Cinematography by
Ignacio González
Juan González

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Tony Rodríguez
Nicolás Di Blasi

Produced by
Jose Gerardo Guillén
Moises Medina
María Eugenia Nuñez
Juan Marcos Rojas
Alejandro Sánchez
Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


In 1998 Scarlet Ortiz became the member to RCTV team. She stars in the TV Series "Nina Mimada"(Naughty child)together with Marcelo Cezano and Eileen Abad. In 1999 Scarlet Ortiz is invited to star in the TV Series "Luisa Fernanda" with Guillermo Pe'rez.

Ricardo Álamo featured at Marte TV in "La Loba Herida", "Sirena" and "Cruz de Nadie". His participation in "Maria de los Angeles" (1997) made him famous in the world.

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Janet  - Scarlet Ortiz   |2010-05-29 17:08:25
I loved this telenovela especially because it had Scarlet Ortiz. I had previously seen her in Todo Sobre Camila. This story was very touching and inspirational especially on love , marriage and family issues. Ricardo Alamo also did a good job!
jackie  - episodes   |2010-12-07 22:17:11
i would like to read the whole story, episode by episode online, how do i get to the web site where i can get that information. i love the story
Anonymous   |2012-02-28 01:00:00
just want to know where i can get a full dvd of this it...they are so beautifull together
Edith  - I really love this telenovela coz each member acte   |2012-09-22 16:55:03
I really appreciate this telenovela especially babra solis and lisa estrada. Also jacinto,augusto and jacinto really impressive and the short intelligent lawyer of santiago
Anonymous  - Love u people!   |2013-06-01 09:50:31
am an Ethiopian OOO! i really love my 3 sisters TV Drama! please, send me the photo of Actors in facebook adders "sirak tesfaye"
meanordine  - love the song   |2014-03-17 11:43:17
i would like to have the whole song and lyrics too thank you i enjoyed the serie .
omar  - DVD?   |2014-06-06 10:33:06
i miss this telenovela. I saw this when I was 12 years old , now im 27 years old.
Please someone tell me where can I get the DVD or even download the the full series. I miss La Beba and Francesco,Santiago, Lisa and Isabel!!
Please ...
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