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Mujer Perfecta, La

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La Mujer Perfecta telenovelaThis is a story of six women who strive to become what every man dreams: “The Perfect Woman.” To achieve this they will try everything: surgeries, exercises, diets, botox, fame, money and power. And in all these attempts there will be always the love that has the last word.

“Micaela Gómez”, the most peculiar of all, has an unusual record of never falling in love with anyone. Only when she becomes a personal assistant of the best plastic surgeon in the country, “Santiago Reverón”, she will recognize for the first time the unequivocal signs of love. Micaela has a form of autism called Asperger syndrome, and the most serious is that she even doesn’t  know it. The arrival of Micaela to this esthetic centre will disturb Santiago, who is well known as Dr. Botox. He, who boasts of having shaped the body of the most beautiful women in the country and is married to a sex symbol, will unprecedentedly fall in love with the most strange woman he has ever met. This is a love story between an artist with scalpel and an autist with heart.

“Gala Moncada”, an acting mythical diva and one of the women more desirable by men, has been the great territory for experimentation of her husband Santiago. He has sculpted her as a real work of art. She is almost perfect. But the years begin to harass her. Addicted to surgeries, she will become more compulsive when she realizes that your career falls into decay and above all that her husband is in love with a woman of unusual characteristics. It will be the time required for her complete resurrection.

“Eva Gómez”, a sister of Micaela, lived the dream of participating in the Miss Venezuela. But she was not even mentioned in the table of the finalists. Then she was wrapped up with oblivion, and now she makes her living in a modeling academy teaching other women to be beautiful. Her happiness is only her marriage to “Nené López”, a national football star. But one day she will meet up with “Cruz Mario Polanco”, a famous magnate from Latin America. Polanco, who is used to living by his own code, has decided to have this woman. His best argument?: All women have a price. And maybe Eva will commit a biblical error biting the apple.

“La Popular Shirley”, the third of the sisters, is quite a character. She wants to overcome the failed attempt of Eva and be adored by hundreds of people. She has enrolled at the modeling academy to achieve fame. But her poor talent has relegated her to the most anonymous of jobs: extra. Her unscrupulous aunt tries unsuccessfully to place her in all possible castings, movies and soap operas, until she decides to venture her into another profession where she can become a queen: the world of the escort service girls. It is a pity that love hides in the modest shoes of “Lucho Montilla”, a charismatic Professor of Arts in Oratory, to whom she has declared hatred at first sight.

“Lucía Reverón” shouts from every corner that she wants to be a top model. But her real goal is another and she strategically hides it. One day she meets a man who is three times senior to her: “Guillermo Toro”, a brilliant psychologist who often treats patients with addiction to cosmetic surgery. To their surprise, they fall in love with each other fiercely. The problem is not only the enormous difference in age that brings scandal in their friendships, but this man was the great love of her mother 25 years ago; her passion was hidden and buried. When “Maruja Reverón”, her mother, meets again with Guillermo, she will want to recover it. But this time the opponent will be her own daughter. Maruja will decide to have a spectacular surgery to defeat her own blood. And Lucía will have no choice but to face her and the rest of the world.

“Carolina Toro”, daughter of the psychologist, although she is not, but she wants to be perfect. So she is the most methodical of all aspirants to model. She tests a lot of Asiatic pills, Russian laxative or Swedish diet, comes to the market. She married early, but that does not stop her to fall in love without restraint with "Daniel Volcán", the other major plastic surgeon of the esthetic center. The terrible thing is that he is the husband of "Renata Volcán", the owner of the academy and his great teacher. Carolina will have the courage to divorce and will ask for the same act of love in return. But she runs the risk of ending up being the most hated in life: to be the lover.

This is the story of them all, women who tried to win the time to be always young, better and perfect. But it is also the story of men who knew these women, loving them or being indifferent. It is the story of a country in which being “The Perfect Woman” has become one of the largest obsessions.


La Mujer Perfecta - telenovela

(2010) - Mónica Spear, Ricardo Álamo, Ana Karina Manco


Mónica Spear ... Micaela Gomez "La frita"
Ricardo Álamo ... Santiago Reveron "Dr. Bótox"
Ana Karina Manco ... Gala Moncada "La diva"
Manuel Sosa ... Nene Lopez "El futbolista"
Marisa Román ... Lucia Reveron "El ángel"
Eduardo Serrano ... Guillermo Toro "El psicólogo"
Jean Carlo Simancas ... Cruz Mario Polanco "El poder"
Jerónimo Gil ... Beto Pimentel "El hombre de las armas"
Eduardo Orozco ... Larry Corona "El paparazzi"
Marlene De Andrade ... Eva Gomez "La araña"
Flavia Gleske ... Carolina Toro "La obsesiva"
Mariaca Semprun ... La popular Shirley "La extra"
Albi De Abreu ... Lucho Montilla "El profe"
Guillermo Garcia ... Daniel Volcán "Doctor sí"
Alba Roversi ... Minerva León "La Geisha del poder"
Carolina Perpetuo ... Renata Volcán "La directora"
Ana María Simón ... Carla Troconis
Elba Escobar ... Estrella Valdés "Toda una madre"
Julie Restifo ... Antonella Montiel "La embajadora"
Beatriz Valdes ... Maruja Pacheco "La madre rival"
Gustavo Rodriguez ... Saturno Luna "El maestro"
Milena Santander ... Presentación Gómez "La tía desalmada"
Hector Manrique ... Willie Troconis "El gran vendedor"
Manuel Salazar
Andreina Yépez ... La Bambi "La prepago"
Alejandro Corona ... Tarzán Valladares "El chófer de Gala"
Claudia La gatta ... Chabela Troconis "La anoréxica"
Carlos Arráiz
Magaly Serrano
Anabella Troconis
Mayela Caldera
Martín Peyrou
Jesús Nunez
Grecia Rodríguez
Sandra Yajure
Yuvana Montalvo
Maria Alesia Machado
Kristel Krause
Alicia Hernández
Lili Tarabella

Writing credits
Leonardo Padrón (original story)
Mariana Reyes
Carlos Eloy Castro
Anisbely Castillo
Camilo Hernández

Song: La mujer perfecta
Written by:
Singing: Hany Kauam

Original music
Juan lopez
Gustavo Gonzalez

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola
Martin Eduardo Sanchez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Manuel Fraíz Grijalba
César Bolívar
José Luis Zuleta
Fabio Velásquez
Nestor Sánchez

Produced by
Carolina De Jacovo
Francisco De Pasquale




Como adivinas mis silencios en tu corazón
Como dibujas mis deseos con la luz del sol
Cuando no estas y te apareces al nombrarte hoy
Tú me das fuerzas para continuar

Tú quedaste en mi alma y me curaste
Es que tu eres el aire te veo en todas partes

Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí
Yo no puedo dejar de amarte
Y encontrarte en cada esquina de mi alma, niña

Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí
Y yo he nacido para amarte
Y esperarte
Tú la mujer perfecta
Tú la mujer perfecta

Tú eres la luz que a mí me aleja de la oscuridad
Tú eres la calle donde yo prefiero caminar
Cuando hace falta te sumerges en mi soledad
Tú me enseñaste que así puedo andar y amar

Mil razones para enamorarme
Me has devuelto la vida no puedo olvidarte

Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí
Yo no puedo dejar de amarte
Y encontrarte en cada esquina de mi alma, niña

Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí
Y yo he nacido para amarte
Y demostrarte que eres mía y que mi vida
Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí

Una mujer con alma
Tú la que me entiende
La que me acompaña cada madrugada
La que me dio el abrazo
En aquellos momentos sin pedirme nada

Solo tus ojos, tus detallas niña
Amo el misterio de tu risa
Y es que…

Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí
Y yo he nacido para amarte
Y encontrarte en cada esquina de mi alma, niña

Tú eres la mujer perfecta para mí
Y poco a poco me enseñaste
Que a tu lado es que yo puedo ser feliz

Yo te amo
Te amo

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Andrea  - Very interesting   |2010-09-18 17:33:19
This novela looks intriguing cause the storyline is different,would love to see it in the usa. Univision should consider airing it.
Anonymous  - re: Very interesting   |2010-10-25 10:04:41
Andrea wrote:
This novela looks intriguing cause the storyline is different,would love to see it in the usa. Univision should consider airing it.
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