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Mundo de Fieras

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Mundo de Fieras telenovelaCharito Flores is a plain country girl, poor, innocent and sensitive. She is aware of her public roots. As time goes by, Charito develops into a young beauty obliged to live in an inhospitable world, which molds her into a charming and aggressive survivor. Charito, with her violent tenderness, is an authentic savage being. Jose Manuel Bustamante, with his strong, honest character, is Charito's guardian angel, awakening in her, her deepest feelings.

Miriam Palacios becomes Charito's most devoted enemy, succeeding with her intense hatred, and her brutal treatment, to make a deep impression on the fragile and humble life of the young woman. Joselyn Bustamante, a hysterical woman on the brink of madness, completes this explosive triangle which surrounds Charito in a whirlwind of romance, passion and violence. The sacrificial love of Ivan Soriano, the birth of a son, the loyalty of friends and the intense hatred of enemies are the factors which complete the plot of this electrifying drama.

Mundo de Fieras - telenovela

(1991) - Catherine Fulop, Jean Carlo Simancas, Rosalinda Serfaty, Luis José Santander


Catherine Fulop ... Charito Flores
Jean Carlo Simancas ... José Manuel Bustamante
Rosalinda Serfaty ... Jocelyn Palacios Ansola de Sartori Bustamante
Luis José Santander ... Ivan Soriano
Elluz Peraza ... Indiana Castro / Pociedad
Chelo Rodríguez ... Raiza Aguirre de Castro (Miriam de Palacios de Camaro)
Orángel Delfín ... Leoncio Palacios
Marcelo Romo ... Raymundo Camaro
Ernesto Balzi ... Federico Ansola
Carolina López ... Brigitte Perdigón de Bustamante
Chony Fuentes ... Julia Bayun
Mirtha Borges ... Chabela Soriano
Mahuampi Acosta
Miguel Alcántara ... Silvio Ascanio
Mario Brito ... Juanón
Marisela Buitriago ... Leonicia
Julio Capote ... Gonzalo
Víctor Cárdenas ... Antor Camaro
Carlos Carrera
Rebeca Costoya ... Geraldine Paricio
Carolina Cristancho ... Sandra
Pedro de Armas
Elena Dinisio ... Soledad de Anzola
María A. Gómez
Eduardo Herreros
Andrés Izaguirre ... Stéfano Cámaro
Sandra Juhasz ... Paloma
Carmen Landaeta
Carmelo Lapira
Mario Llovera
Esperanza Magaz
Marlene Maseda ... Reina Bayón
Frank Mendez
Lilibeth Morillo ... Tammi Soriano
Luis Gerardo Núñez ... Valentín Velasco
Enrique Oliveros
Humberto Oliveros
Ana María Pagliacci
Simón Pestana ... Amadeo Bustamante
Dulce María Pilonieta
Victor Rentoya
Liliana Rodriguez
Moises Rodríguez
Gabriela Spanic
Humberto Tancredi
Patricia Toffoli
Winston Vallenilla ... Luis

Writing credits
Juan Clemente
María Antonieta Gómez
Ligia Lezama
Francisco Martínez
Valentina Párraga
Abigaíl Truchess

Song: "Será"
Written by: Ricardo Montaner & Ilan Chester
Singing: Ricardo Montaner

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Gabriel Walfenzao
Edgar Diaz
Édgar Liendo

Produced by
Marisol Campos
Soraya Castillo
Orlando Machado
Orlando Rosas



This telenovela lasted 239 episodes and it achieved a significant amount of success in Venezuela.

It was distributed internationally by Venevision International. Mundo de Fieras was remade by Televisa under the same name.

Mundo de Fieras was remade in Mexico by producer Salvador Mejia and starred César Évora, Ernesto Laguardia, Edith González, Helena Rojo

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