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Natalia del Mar

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Natalia del mar telenovelaNatalia del Mar is the beautiful story a young poor girl who should struggle to feel happy again. The competition between the two families Uzcátegui and Moncadamake the family members struggle and suffer. In her childhood she had a friend, Luis Manuel Moncada, from a rich family and then he left for the USA to study. From inside the twist of passion, hatred and war Natalia meets Luis Manuel Moncada again. He is surprised to see a young beautiful woman while she was always in love with him. Natalia lives with her grandfather Jacinto who is the magician and miracle-monger along with the siblings Domingo and Rosarito. Natalia feels a lack of education and she strives to study to grow since she is tired of being neglected and humiliated for being illiterate. In spite of her bad clothes and her insubordinate personality, Natalia dreams of getting married to Luis Manuel.

Eventually, the two rival families come to end the war and make up. The children, Luis Manuel and Perla are agreed to get married. In the past Valerio Moncada, Luis’ father, and Adolfo Uzcátegui, Perla’s father, were in love in one and the same woman, Natalia’s mother but the story ended tragically. They were bitter enemies though later they have changed plans and even decided to make up and unite into the family. The whole story is spoilt with Sarah, Adolfo’s sister, an ambitious and prudent woman who is able to commit crimes to meet her necessity in money and power.


Sabrina Salvador as Natalia Uribe

Natalia is a 20 year-old beautiful girl, very industrious and noble. She is willing to support the ones in need. Her courageous nature pushes her to every adventure.  She does not allow people to make fun of her and she is ready to resist and even fight to be respected. She is upset to have no education. She comes from poor family, never studied at school; she cannot write or read though she is aware of mathematics since she had to calculate to make settlements for leaving bills.  In spite of her poverty life she is neat and she never looks clumsy or tumbled. She swims in the river every day. She dresses too modestly wearing the only pair of shoes. She has some pride of her personality and though in most cases she stays silent she likes being dare-devilry. In spite of her strong mind, she is very kind to people. She experiences love and hatred, humiliation and pride and she stays generous and patient.

Manuel Sosa as Luis Manuel Moncada

Luis Manuel studied in the best schools in the US. He is noble and smart. He remembers Natalia as a little girl and he is stunned with her beauty as he meets her as an adult man. He is a typical womanizer too iwn every woman around. He is known for his elegant manners, intelligence and chic. When he feels he loves Natalia he has to confront the world of the rich to defend him himself and Natalia.

Juliet Lima as Perla Uzcátegui

Perla Uzcátegui is a very beautiful and attractive girl. After the study abroad Perla comes back to Playa Esperanza. She is very charismatic and is in the center of public attention wherever she appears. She makes crazy everyone if she wants. Perla is fickle and selfish. She is used to acquire everything she wants. She is the favourite daughter of Adolfo Uzcátegui. She hates living a dull and boring life in the fazenda. She is athletic and is keen on sports. She dresses very neatly and stylish. Perla inherits the ill nature, villainy and willing to destroy the enemies. When Natalia starts working as a maiden, Perla runs a war with her when she finds that Luis Manuel is in love with her.

Víctor Cámara as Don Adolfo

Don Adolfo is a very influential person in the village. The villagers are afraid to confront him. He has achieved everything at his age. He is handsome, smiling and seducing woman at ease. No woman is able to resist him when he is intended to seduce her. The secret of his success is that he knows the way to their hearts since he seems to be ready to help only to her. But when he hates the person, his hatred is incredibly terrible and affective. When he meets Natalia he feels too passionate about her since he sees a woman from his past in her. He was in love with her mother long time ago. Since then Adolfo never loved a woman like her. He gets crazy about Natalia and wants to marry her. He has been living with Irene for many years to have cozy place to return home and relax. Adolfo makes an agreement with Valerio who owns the diamond pit to merge and take actions to irrigate the lands they live on.

Rosalinda Serfaty as Irene López

Irene López is Adolfo’s live-in lover. They have a daughter, Perla. Adolfo does not love Irene which makes her furious. When Adolfo decides to marry Natalia, he takes Irene out of his house and she then hates Natalia for ruining her life. Her daughter, Perla, helps her mother do some intrigues and mean to Natalia when she finds in her turn that her fiancée is also in love with the wild woman from the beach.

Natalia del Mar - telenovela

(2011) - Manuel Sosa, Sabrina Salvador


Sabrina Salvador ... Natalia Uribe
Manuel Sosa ... Luis Manuel Moncada
Victor Cámara ... Don Adolfo
Rosalinda Serfaty ... Irene López
Eduardo Serrano ... Valerio Moncada
Dora Mazzone ... Pasionaria
Flor Elena González ... Eleonora
Juliet Lima ... Perla Uzcátegui
Adrián Delgado ... Octavio Valladares
Yul Bürkle ... Baltazar
Lucía Sanoja ... Diana
Carmen Alicia Lara ... Silvia
Fedra López ... Sara Morales
Franklyn Virgüez ... Baldomero Sánchez
Christian Mc Gaffney ... Domingo Uribe
Maria Antonieta Castillo ... Loly Montesinos
Víctor Drija ... Gerardo Moncada
Giogia Arismendi ... Candy Romero
Damián Genovese ... Ernesto Valderrama
Roberto Lamarca ... Teodoro Rivas
Esther Orjuela ... Fernanda De Rivas
Rosita Vásquez ... Pastora Pérez
Romelia Agüero ... Carmela Díaz
Fernando Flores ... Jacinto Uribe
Dayra Lambis ... Vivianita De Sánchez
Juvel Vielma ... Piraña
Vanessa Pallas ... Mariana Moncada
Rosanna Zanetti ... Patricia Uzcategui
Juliette Pardau ... Rosarito Uribe
Daniel Martínez Campos ... Julián Uzcategui
Héctor Peña ... Álvaro Moncada
Nani Tovar ... Sandra Pérez
Rosmel Bustamante ... Pulpito
Gigi Zanchetta
Félix Loreto

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez (original story)
Omaira Rivero (adaptation)

Song: A contracorriente
Written by: Roque Valero
Singing: Roque Valero

Original music
Carlos Garcia

Cinematography by
Freddy Garcia

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Carlos Izquierdo

Produced by
Manuel Federico Fraíz-Grijalba
Alejandro Salazar



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sandra milena  - demasiado   |2011-06-12 03:52:48
yo grabe en esa novela y eso es un experiencia muy bella de verdaddd
catherin  - hola   |2011-06-21 16:18:40
hola manuel sosa morales estas usted invitado para presentacion de caja de los sueños de los niños 19 julio comiensa 6:00 pm te vas gustar mucho en venezuela en escuela basica militar aragua me llamo catherin
franyer  - 27448372   |2011-06-25 00:23:52
me imagino que me va a gustar mucho esta novela
beiker alexander  - hola   |2011-07-07 20:02:26
mas cali manuel sosa actuas vien
lola   |2011-08-03 14:59:34
hola soy lola y pienso que su novela es espectacular nunca me la pierdo
Anonymous   |2011-08-05 21:44:07
hola natalia te quiero mucho enamorate de manuel que es un chico guapo
lulu   |2011-10-29 16:32:05
hola natalia como estas te ves ermosa asi como te pusieron en la novela es sierto deverias terminar junto con luis manuel
anita   |2011-12-14 18:20:00
natalia estas hermosa pero mas guapote es carlos camara pero casate con luis ma que tu le amas
laura  - loju   |2012-01-27 23:50:47
hola soy laura y pienso que novela es espectacular nunca me la pierdo
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