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Por Estas Calles

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Por estas calles telenovelaPor Estas Calles chronicled and editorialized the Venezuelan political situation while its main love story eventually disappeared.The story revolves around the tribulations of elementary teacher Euridice Briceno, falsely accused of murder, who has to hide under a new identity. But the other characters soon took off a big screen time, and became a choral story. During his runtime, Por Estas Calles adapted many histories ripped-off from the headlines.

Por estas calles - telenovela

(1992 - 1994) - María Alejandra Martín, Franklin Vírgüez, Aroldo Betancourt, Eileen Abad


María Alejandra Martín ... Euridice
Franklin Vírgüez ... Eudormar Santos
Aroldo Betancourt
Eileen Abad
Hilda Abrahamz
Rebeca Aleman ... Verónica Benarroch
Llena Aloma
Carlos Arreaza ... Alfonso
Gisvel Ascanio
América Barrio
Crisol Carabal ... Bettysabel
Carlos Cruz
Dad Dager ... Andrade
Luis Daniel Gómez
Gabriel Gonsalves ... Guardaespaldas
Flor Elena González ... Maigualida Cazado
Tomás Henríquez
Karl Hoffman
Gledys Ibarra ... Eloina Rangel
Margaret Kukec
Roberto Lamata
Dora Mazzone ... Cecilia Matos
Roberto Moll ... Mario Sarria Velez
Jose Luis Montero ... Sacerdote
Lilibeth Morillo
Carlos Omaña
Martha Pabón
Amalia Pérez Díaz
Alicia Plaza
Aracelli Prieto
Francis Romero ... Zaira Magalí
Rafael Romero
Carlos Villamizar

Writing credits
Ibsen Martínez
Neida Padilla
César Sierra
Ana Teresa Sosa

Song: "Por Estas Calles"
Written by: Yordano
Singing: Yordano

Original music

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Renato Gutiérrez

Produced by
Angel Boscan
Mariana Djuro
Alberto Giarroco

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


The theme song, "Por estas calles", sung by Venezuelan singer Yordano, became a big hit and topped the charts for a year.

It was the first Telenovela that contained difficult themes such as corruption, drug trafficking, and children on the streets.

While promoting the telenovela prior to its debut, one of the stunts was a fake commercial for a brand of maize flour called "Don Chepe". Many people believed that was in fact a new product, and tried unsuccessfully to find it in supermarkets.

In the 1996 comedic telenovela "Los Amores de Anita Pena", who was starred by many of the actors from Por Estas Calles, many gimmicks of the latter were parodied, like the phrase of the end of the chapter. Even in a chapter, the characters were transported to the "Por Estas Ealles" era and met the characters they interpreted then.

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