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¡Qué Clase de Amor

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¡Qué Clase de Amor telenovela¡Qué Clase de Amor telenovela tells about six romantic stories which happen in the school oriented for strict discipline and order. The occasions teenagers happen to find themselves refer to love affairs and tragedy, drug addiction, popularity, lies and humor, dances and naughty behavior. ¡Qué Clase de Amor reveals the story that ruins the conventional vision of teenagers. The central conflict neighbors with five more individual stories full of dreams and crazy teen ambitions. The everyday life of teenagers when they go to and from school, their depression cases, heartbreaks, ups and downs that look too intimate and outrageous in the environment of the secondary school. Diego Padilla and his friends stir the students at Liceo Reyes Bejarano for their rebellous and brave personality.

Diego is the one to dream about and many student girls find him too sensual and handsome. How many teenagers are touched there, so many stories are exposed to public. Love goes through all the hearts of students of the school, when they are at lessons, doing home tasks, coming home back. Stefanie Mendoza is the student-girl who is wanted and loved by every other student at the school.


Aisha Stambouli as Alejandra Martínez

Alejandra Martínez is timid and intelligent girl who is considered a genius at the school. She is not that ugly and awkward but she hides behind the old-fashioned glasses and desperate sorrow that houses her heart after she studied in Barquisimeto, her native town. Due to first negative experience and worst emotions, Alejandra decides not to get involved in love matters any longer. Her brilliant mind helps her analyze and evaluate everything and everyone next to her though no one cares of her personal life. Diego Padilla keeps in touch with her only for his onw benefit- to share her knowledge. But Alejandra is a little bit more experienced and beautiful tempting smiles do not work any longer and she intends to take revenge for all the lies and traps.

Andrés Gómez as Diego Padilla

Diego is the most popular students at the school, a dream of all girls around. He is tall and handsome, his smile makes every girl crazy and that’s what he takes advantage of. Diego is courteous and he is sure of his own goals. He saves money to buy a second-hand car with the intention to get independent and play around with his girlfriend Stefanie. He is the member of the musical group which means a lot for him, but he is in love with Alejandra, the all-known geek, for a couple of years and he is willing to do a lot to be with her.

Mayela Caldera as Stefanie Mendoza

Stefanie is the dolly-girl whose mind is seized with shopping and fashion only. She is very popular at school since she is tall, beautiful and very sensual girl. She dresses nicely and knows she looks glamorous and perfect. She has a taste of style that she demonstrates at every occasion.  If she dates with someone, it takes him huge amount of money, a good car to travel around and a pile of trendy wear. She is crazy about Diego and she manipulates Alan with the goal to have Diago closer. Stefanie becomes a bitter enemy to Alejandra when she reveals she is stealing the heart of her beloved Diego. Stefanie does a lot of silly things though through her villain nature and mean actions she helps to reveal the true life values.

Joan Manuel Larrad as Alan Camacho

Alan Camacho is the leader of the musical group Los Alacranes. The tradge in his family makes him cold-minded and ice-hearted to other people. He envies Diego for popularity and respect from others. He makes every endeavor to prevent Alejandra and Diego become happy. As far as he remembers he loves Stefanie, Diego’ girlfriend, and every time she rejects his love, he gets mature to make up a trap for the sake of his wishes. Alan pretends to be a friend to Alejandra and she treats him very well without a guess that she injures and kills feelings Diego experiences.

Georgina Palacios as Marta Pérez

893 grams of ugliness, 7 grams of offence and bitterness and 100 grams of low-esteem is stirred and blended in the lab to make up a teen-girl named Marta who charges all the school students and authorities in her troubles. Marta believes she has the right to be selfish which prevents her from being happy. She is not willing to love since she supposes no one can come to the same cultural level as hers. In spite of that fact that she is considered the second ugliest girl at the school she joins the group of Geeks.

¡Qué Clase de Amor - telenovela

(2009) - Andrés Gómez, Aisha Stambouli


Andrés Gómez ... Diego Padilla
Aisha Stambouli ... Alejandra Martínez
Joan Manuel Larrad ... Alan Camacho
Mayela Caldera ... Stefanie Mendoza
Georgina Palacios ... Marta Pérez
Mark Colina ... Marcel Jiménez
Rosalinda Serfaty ... Ana María Sosa
Giannina Alves ... Tita Pérez
Miguel Ángel Tovar ... Manuel Colmenares
Rossana Zanetti ... Andreína Figueroa
Andrés Sosa ... Rafael Gómez
Vanesa Hidalgo ... Desiré Sánchez
Juan Miguel Henriques ... Félix Rodríguez
Maria Eugenia D´Ángelo ... Romina Casanova
Jaime Suárez ... Samy Rodríguez
Carolina Muzzi
Dayana Oliveros
Rafael Gabeiras
Joaquín Araujo
Génesis Rodríguez
Jesús Alberto Vieira
Ana Verónica Schultz
Yahaira Orta
Malena González
Wendy Bermejo
Yulika Krauz
Samir Bazzi
José Romero
Gustavo González
Virginia Vera
Giovanny García
Jenny Brakha
Carlos Clemares
César de la Torre
Sergio Guía
Alexander Rodríguez
Anavir García
Armando Chalbaud
César Méndez
Iliana Hernández
Carmen Teresa Salcedo
Luis Enrique Reyes
Jessica Semeco
Luis Alejandro Ferrer
Rodolfo Salas
Ruddy Rodríguez ... Aurora

Writing credits
Liceo Reyes Bejarano

Cinematography by
Manuel Díaz Casanova

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Grazio D’Angelo

Produced by
Benjamín Cohen


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maria alejandra   |2009-06-29 22:59:47
buen la serie me encanta. Es full buena. Se les quiere
jo-ann alejandra yarzagaray  - les felisito por el trabaho que estan hasiendo   |2009-07-18 00:56:06
me gusta la novela.esta jeno de emociones amor ay de todo
no todos los dias puedo verlo porque trabaho en el airopuerto y aveses trabaho asta las 7 de la noche
yo soy de ARUBA es una isla encantadora
oke asta luego que esten bien
antonio jose abarca solorzano  - vuelvan a repetir la final   |2009-08-15 03:55:32
por favor repitan la final en venevision q me la perdi
Jissel  - paz   |2009-11-23 13:58:56
Me encanta la novela esta cheverisima y creo que deberian seguir haciendo novelas asi tan lindas patra nosotros los jovenes,gracias.
katherine soy igual que alejan  - b/u   |2009-12-04 20:58:47
hola diegito y halejandra diego heres un chamo que estas buenisimo y su novela esta buenisima y megusta al final cuando alejandra se quita esos lentes tan orroroso y queda como una princesita y estefani queda en yanta diego alejandra es solamente tuya
wilennys   |2009-12-19 02:13:48
me gusto muchisino esa serie y espero que algun dia la buelvan a repetir y cuidate manu
marielis  - diego   |2009-12-26 19:46:05
me gusto el final de la serie pero no me gusto el principio que estes bien tita
maria   |2011-04-09 15:20:00
que clase de amor es buenisima me creo que algunas series son aburridas
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