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Que el Cielo me Explique

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Santiago is a policeman, mature, strong-willed and solid person. He is a man of word. He looks firm and reliable. As a policeman, he is used to physical loads and extreme circumstances so he is not the one to be astonished or shocked with life cases. However, he has experienced the tragedy in his life when he lost his girlfriend Violeta. A romantic, dreaming and open-hearted person before, he is now obsessed with the revenge only. Santiago is doing his best to demolish and ruin everything he suspects to have a touch to his grief. He is full of fury and anger and he does prudently with the cold heart and mind.

Tania is a young urban woman who lives in the megalopolis in the constant fear to be affected by criminals. Tania and Santiago are the two persons contrasting each other. They both confront to circumstances to bring to the struggle to show the society without any ethical values. Santiago is known for his hatred to the world and willing to take revenge. Tania, after the negative life experience that changed her life, turns into a woman who opens another world for herself. And the telenovela reveals all the events and actions undertaken to make Santiago more kind and loving.


Marianela Gonzalez as Tania Sanchez

Tania is a young and perspective woman. She can boast with her beauty and chic look. A student at Marketing and PR-department, she lives in the fear to get affected by criminals and, thus, she is too suspicious about people and prefers being alone. She has a mission to rescue Santiago Robles as far as she rehabilitates from being close to death. Tania is willing to struggle for his blessing and safety, though she is not aimed to find a love blessed by heavens.

Carlos Felipe Álvarez as Santiago Robles

Santiago is an honest and diligent policeman who works to his best to serve his country until he finds his girlfriend is killed by the dregs of society. And in the meantime he is known as a person driven with the revenge only. He looks solid and vulnerable at once; still he can take a tender care of people he is in charge of. Tania plays a crucial role in his life to neutralize the highest force of his hatred and fury to learn how to forgive people.

Roxana Díaz as Glenda Núñez

Glenda is too dangerous, too beautiful and too sensual. She is used to steal and rob, though it does not make her disgusting or miserable. She looks like a Goddes, with perfect looks, long hair and nice smile. She loses her son, Miky, and gets in the jail. As soon as she is released, she starts looking for him. She is smart enough to play with weak points and sympathy people express to her.

Juan Carlos Alarcón as Carlos Patiño

Carlos Patiño is Santiago’s friend, a strong-willed and determined person. Good looks, humble nature, charismatic but serious though too open to people. He has a good reputation and makes a good police career which makes him responsible. Carlos devotes his life to police service and he seriously observes the law. He falls in love with Glenda and then with Yuni though she is not easy to attract and conquer.

Juan Camilo Donado as Eduardo Manrique

A friend of Tania in the very beginning of the story. He is active and very sporty. He is really passionate about football but the knee trauma ruins his longing for football career. Soon after reappraisal of values Eduardo again seeks for Tania’s favor.

Wanda D'Isidoro as Elena Flores Elena is a young woman divorced with a teen-daughter. She is a little bit childish and suffers from low-esteem. As she gets mature she faces problems with her daughter. She makes love affairs with wrong people but she ends with Tomy, eventually.

Héctor Peña as Gaetano Morales

As they say Gaetano Morales is associated with the gangster type of man. He is handsome and too manly. Courageous and strong as pine knot. When he faces problems he finds the easiest way out of them. He is by side of Mayte but from time to time he leaves her to come back again.

Caridad Canelón as Raiza Morales Raiza is highly religious woman to pray here and there holding her Bible on her and telling words of courage to neighbors. He is a major person in the Las Piedras district. Raiza has two nephews, Dogo and Tano, who are accused of fraud. Raiza gives it a go to rescue and save them. She is charismatic, has solid looks and she behaves like Santiago’s mother.

Ricardo Bianchi as Tomás Sanabria\"Tomy"

Tomás is the man in divorce partnering with Mayte. His daughter is 17 only and they often contradict upon teen matters. He has love affair with Yuni but in the end he falls in love with Elena. By the way, he is the Professor of the quantum physics at the University.

Que el cielo me explique - telenovela

(2010) - Marianela González, Carlos Felipe Álvarez, Roxana Díaz Burgos


Marianela González ... Tania Sánchez
Carlos Felipe Álvarez ... Santiago Robles
Roxana Díaz Burgos ... Glenda Núñez
Juan Carlos Alarcón ... Carlos Patiño
Estefanía López ... Yuni Gómez
Caridad Canelón ... Raiza Morales
Aroldo Betancourt ... Rubén Llanos
Rebeca González ... Rosa Roncayolo
Wanda D´Isidoro ... Elena Flores
Ricardo Bianchi ... Tomás Sanabria \"Tomy"
Kimberly Dos Ramos ... Karen Montero
Héctor Peña ... Gaetano Morales "El tano"
Yoletti Cabrera ... Marilú Roncayolo
Juan Camilo Donado ... Eduardo Manrique
Juan Pablo Yépez ... Ernesto Valdés
Enrique Izquierdo ... Trosky
Ebén Renán ... Douglas Morales "El Dogo"
Andreína Caro ... Ana Guanipa
Sandra Díaz ... Mayte Sanabria
José Medina ... El Cacri
Alexandra Guilarte ... Delvalle Sosa
Christian Barbettos ... Gerardo Ruiz
Francisco Medina ... Francisco
María López ... Beatriz
José Mantilla ... Comisario Aguirre
Frank Guzmán ... Miki Balboa
Eughlymas Sierra ... Adelita

Writing credits
Cristina Policastro (original story)
Jose Vicente Spataro
Zaret Romero
Yutzil Martínez
Gloria Soares
Daniel Rojas

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
José Alcalde

Produced by
Leonor Sardi Aguilera



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Edén   |2010-01-15 17:55:04
La novela se ve muy buena en los cortes muy bien con los protagonistas marianela gonzález y carlos felipe alvarez aunque me hubiese gustavo con hugo vásquez pero bien carlos felipe se que el puede además es bien lindo pero siempre ha echo es el papel de hermano en otras producciones con mari. Les deseo muy éxito total.
Maigualyda Weffer O.  - que el cielo me explique   |2011-05-11 19:28:49
hola siento mucho no poder disfrutar esa novela por RCTV ustedes son los mejores espero que no sea para siempre yo los seguia todos los dias tenian la mejor programacion la television sin ustedes paso a ser oscuridad pero nos conformamos con ver esa ultima novela que el cielo me explique por televen espero tambien verla por youtube para guardar ese grato recuerdo de lo que fue mejor television de venezuela ustedes

sin mas que decir mucha suerte mi gente

su servidora y admiradora de toda la vida..........MWO.
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