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Rubí Rebelde

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Rubí rebelde telenovelaRubí is a young girl abandoned and exploited. Victor lives on the other side of town from Rubi. A minor accident brings them together, sparking an instant attraction. Víctor's family is torn by secret ambitions and bitterness. His mother is an angry woman full of resentment. She battles a hostile relationship with Victor's paternal grandmother, who controls the family's wealth.

Victor's brother, with his wicked ideas and evil notions, is much like his mother. His younger sister, the sweet Virginia, is blind. Victor is outstanding, both kind and warmhearted, and Rubí is induced by him to enter the family home. His concern is misinterpreted by Rubi as love for her. To make matters worse, Rubí is despised by Victor's mother. His grandmother, however, finds her charm and innocence touching. To avenge her spiteful daughter-in-law, the grandmother changes her will to name Rubí sole benefactor. Now potentially wealthy, Rubi is thrust into an unknown world, one in which she will again be compelled to fight to survive.

Rubí rebelde - telenovela

(1989) - Mariela Alcalá, Jaime Araque, Ricardo Herranz


Mariela Alcalá ... Rubí
Jaime Araque ... Víctor Alfonso Miranda
Ricardo Herranz ...
Alejandro Delgado ... Reynaldo Itturralde
María Teresa Acosta ... Leonor Miranda
Haydée Balza ... La China
Joana Benedek ... Zoraida
Jose Daniel Bort ... Tilico
Inés María Calero ... Gladys
Dalila Colombo ... Lucrecia de Miranda
Carlos Cruz
Adolfo Cubas ... Nelson
Isabel Herrera ... Macorina
Ileana Jacket ... Carolina
Carlos Leon
Alfonso Medina
Carlos Montilla
Adelaida Mora ... Virginia
Frank Moreno ... Sabatino
Rene Muñoz ... Padre Martin
René Muñoz ... Padre Martin
Jorge Palacios ... Leonardo
Julio Pereira
Carolina Perpetuo ... Ana María
Rosario Prieto ... Dorila
Victoria Robert ... Meche
Marcelo Romo ... Félix
Carlota Sosa ... Carmela
Vicente Tepedino ... Fabián Gil Vargas

Writing credits
Perla Farías
Perla Farías
María Antonieta Gómez
María Antonieta Gómez
Boris Izaguirre
Boris Izaguirre
Carlos Romero

Song: "El Cariño Es Como Una Flor"
Written by: Rudy La Scala
Singing: Rudy La Scala

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Renato Gutiérrez

Produced by
Daniel Andrade

Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV)


This telenovela lasted 172 episodes

Rubí Rebelde is a remake of the Mexican telenovela "Rina"

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