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Salvador de Mujeres

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The boxer Salvador “El Tigre” Valdez wins at the ring and he is at the peak of triumphs but he loses his titles and regalia for a minute. For the refuse to sign a contract with a gangster who arranges these fights, Salvador is seized to traps and gets involved in the dirty affair getting disqualified for many years. Salvador has to seek for another way to earn money to avoid the financial crash in the family. The owner of the fitness club where Salvador works, Josefina Álvarez Castillo, makes an offer not so decorous but worthy to consider, especially when Salvador has to solve serious financial problems. A young man has to obey a new host, a millionaire and he realizes he has a great peculiarity to perceive emotional needs of woman. He is able to open a beautiful world and special features in a woman with a simple touch or a word or a gentle embracing look. And here, there is no competitor in this kind of sport- to conquer the ladies’ hearts and Salvador is the winner for ever.

Ironically, the only woman who wins the heart of Salvador is Socorro “Coco” Álvarez Castillo, the daughter to Josefina. A vainglorious beauty who is engages with her troubles to mention Salvador. She thinks he is too rough and not worthy to be with her, though with the lapse of time she changes her opinion. Salvador takes all attempts to conquer her heart and Josefina does not yield either.

The rivalry between a mother and a daughter for love of this incredibly manly person becomes inevitable.


Carlos Haydon as Salvador “El Tigre” Valdez

A young man in his middle 30s. He is courteous and manly. He is wanted by all women. Timid, deliberate person with high inspirations to win. After the death of his father Salvador has to take care of his family. Actually, he aspired to win to have the financial prize and cover the credit his mother was involved in. after the title and prize were annulled, he is about to lose a house, either. Becoming a personal fitness trainer for Josefina, he realizes to sells himself but he hides this inner conflict deeply inside with the thought that he needs huge amount of money for debts. He is the man to match manliness and sensitiveness, elegance and naivety. Salvador takes a decision to struggle against criminal world in the place to ruin the business of Don Carlos and he is wiling to go to the end even for the sake of his life.

Alejandra Sandoval as Socorro Álvarez Castillo

Socorro is a young girl, 20. She is fickle, sensual, arrogant and too pride of herself and her reputation. She is spoilt with high-class comfort, glamorous and doing nothing life style. She has never felt misery and needs and she is eager to acquire what she plans and the only sad emotion she can feel is disappointment when she does not have what she wants immediately.  Socorro finds out her boyfriend is a gay and all his love story is nothing but a marriage fraud. Further she realizes he family is not that perfect as she thought. She learns her father deceives her mother and her mother has a secret to hide. She learns to comprehend and forgive.

Ruddy Rodríguez as Josefina Álvarez

An elegant, sensitive and seductive woman in her late 40s. she is able to dominate in relations. She is strong enough to struggle for goals. Julio César helps her go out of dirty past and come in to the wealthy life. She had a daughter whom she lost and whom she is eager to have back. She is liberated and propagates for getting free from abusive and obsessive attitude. She reveals that her husband betrayed her. And she decides to stay quiet even when she feels her marriage is in crisis. But they are tied with the closer ties than that of marriage. They are close until the death.

Diana Ángel as Charo

Diana, not acknowledged daughter of Josefina, is a young and beautiful girl at the age of 24. She hides the secret of her origin. She wants to love but is afraid to suffer from it. She was named as Clara but she was adopted by childless Jorge and Analia, a businessman and his wife, and they decided to keep this secret till the end. Prior to death Jorge confesses to Charo that she is Josefina’s daughter. Charo is driven by pain and offence. She is aware Josefina refuses from her not voluntarily but she was taken away. Charo is the owner of the fashion magazine under her name. Josefina plans to give interview for the magazine and Charo opens a new woman in Josefina deserved admiration and love. She is obsessed with the revenge, but she postpones her plans afraid to hurt her. Charo seems to be a woman not able to love. But within the conflicts the characters are mixed and personalities are exposed to new cases that everything changes.

Salvador de mujeres - telenovela

(2010) - Rudy Rodriguez, Alejandra Sandoval, Coraima Torres, Carlos Guillermo Haydón


Ruddy Rodríguez ... Josefina Álvarez
Alejandra Sandoval ... Socorro
Carlos Guillermo Haydón ... Salvador Valdez
Diana Ángel ... Charo
Roberto Vander ... Julio César
Yul Bürkle ... Manuel
Maleja Restrepo ... Bárbara
Pilar Álvarez ... María
Karina Cruz ... Lula
Franklyn Virgüez ... Don Carlos
Orlando Miguel ... Felipe
Lorena Tobar ... Agustina
Vicente Tepedino ... Gonzalo
Katherine Escobar ... Isabel
Morela Zuleta ... Victoria
Gabriel Ochoa ... Ramiro
Ana Bolena Mesa ... Mercedes
Alberto Quintero ... Fernando
Mauricio Figueroa ... Pedro
Shirley Marulanda ... Helena
Helga Díaz ... Beatriz

Writing credits
Marcela Citterio (original story)

Cinematography by
Francis Payares

Original music

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela and Colombia

Directed by
Gabriel González
William Barragán
Rolando Ocampo

Produced by
Alejandra Gallego

Art direction by
Adriana Bahamon

Televideo for Venevision


Consists of 120 episodes

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sergio andres  - Verdad ?   |2010-02-25 17:23:12
Es muy buena historia pero es verdad k trabajara Tito el Bambino ?=?
katiuska  - me encanta   |2010-04-14 03:06:48
me encanta esta novela guao hay que bello es carlos guillermo guao
marlis yaskilex  - bambino   |2010-04-14 16:01:41
esta novela es una de las mejores que pasan por venevision, quisiera saber si tito el bambino participara en la novela, tito el bambino es lo maximo.  - novela   |2010-04-15 23:36:25
too good this novel really is the best novel and Colombia venevision finally something good alejandra sondoval venevision're too cute thanks for putting something good not like is another matter xD bad!
ana   |2010-04-16 00:16:38
me encanta el protagonista de la telenovela, asi necesito un salvador..... mas bellooooo....lo amo
luis   |2010-04-20 04:24:58
Me parece buen dramatico, diferente , capaz de crear sensaciones emovitas, cargadas de valor personal en el guion, excelentes actores carlos guillermo me parece excelente actor y lo esta haciendo muy bien y rudy bella como siempre.
isabella  - i love   |2010-04-21 14:43:48
Es verdad es una de mejores novelas de venevision me encanta no me la pierdooo y al protagonista ni loca dejo de verlo!!jejeje esta guapisimo!
karla   |2010-04-22 19:00:35
ea una novela muy padre y a mi megusta yo nunca me pierdo los capitulos con ese papasote mucho menos
Mir   |2010-04-23 19:17:14
Esta telenovela es excelente y carlos guillermo haydon es demasiado bello todos los actores estan actuando bien me encanta es espectacular
Andreina del valle.  - me encanta carlos guillermo   |2010-05-04 20:15:29
hola esta novela es excelente me encanta y carlos guillermo es muy hermoso me encanta. y me encanta la musica de tito el bambino....
Norys de Caracas  - Venevision nos falto el respeto corto salvador de   |2010-06-28 22:32:06
Hola que tal esta novela si es muy buena pero pare que no mucho para venevision que decidio cortarla abruptamente. Son unos falta de respetos abusadores
guillermo.   |2010-11-03 20:29:12
como se llama la musica qe suena cuando salvador hace el amor.? el que dice me fui perdiendo en tu piel..
yami   |2010-11-15 04:24:16
si tambien busco la cancion dice, no medi las concecuensias de lo que estaba pasando, te volvi todo un maestro que hasta yo rendida caigo y me fui perdiendo en tu piel.. y ya no la encuentro!
Stefiii   |2011-05-09 18:46:41
Hola, alguien sabe donde puedo encontrarla completa? es que la encuentro solo hasta la mitad como dicen algunos de ustedes esta cortada.... :(((
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