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Sirena telenovelaThe beautiful and disobedient Sirena Baltazar knows Adonis Diniz; whose wealth, power and enchantment will mark of by life the destiny of Sirena. Afraid of the dark intentions of Adonis, Sirena's house with Jasón Mendoza, a famous tenista. Being disabled because of a mysterious accident, during the ceremony of his wedding, Jasón it blames deeply to Adonis and Sirena. While Sirena faces the decision to be faithful to its marriage or the instincts of its heart, Adonis fights to conquer the love of her.

Maintaining one it doubles secret life, Adonis tries to be playboy without scruples, at the same time that are hidden after the masked hero: "the Lynx", dedicating its life to the noblest aims, to clean to the name of its father and his fortune... and to make sure the love Sirena. The price that it will have to pay, could cost the life to him. Sirena develops in the middle of the condition, the emotion and it intrigues it, in an intense drama, where the passions and the secrets are as deep as the sea.

Sirena - telenovela

(1993) - Alejandro Delgado, Astrid Gruber, Carlos Montilla


Alejandro Delgado ... Juan Hundre
Astrid Gruber ... Sirena
Carlos Montilla ... Adonis Diniz
Ricardo Herranz ... Rancho
Saúl Marín ... GoGo
Ricardo Álamo
Jorge Aravena
Joana Benedek ... La Divina Joana
Xavier Bracho ... Mozart
Carla Daboin ... Odalina
Roxana Díaz ... Porfiria
Jorge Reyes
Betty Ruth
Carolina Tejera

Writing credits
José Simón Escalona

Song: "Sirena"

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Claudio Callao

Produced by
Gloria Altuve

Marte TV


Born in Caracas, capital city of Venezuela, Alejandro Enrique performed his first role on the Venezuelan silver screen in 1989, as Freddy Avellaneda, in the internationally known soap opera "Abigail".

"Sirena", produced by Marte TV, was distributed by Venevision International.

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Jean Carlos Santana   |2009-11-02 03:11:16
where can I get the complete novel "Sirens" that has been one of my favorites and I would buy it because many years ago not take it for TV, wanted to buy it complete for her.
Fabiola Gazzia  - Novela - Sirena   |2010-11-14 06:42:35
Please let me know where can I buy the Novela Sirena with Astrid Gruber and Carlos Montilla please e-mail me the information. Thank You.
Abimael Diaz  - re: Novela - Sirena   |2010-12-27 23:27:04
Fabiola Gazzia wrote:
Please let me know where can I buy the Novela Sirena with Astrid Gruber and Carlos Montilla please e-mail me the information. Thank You.
ruben gomez  - re: sirena 1993   |2011-01-14 09:51:40
Jean Carlos Santana wrote:
where can I get the complete novel "Sirens" that has been one of my favorites and I would buy it because many years ago not take it for TV, wanted to buy it complete for her.
ruben gomez  - telenovela sirena   |2011-01-14 09:52:31
quiero la telenovela sirena de 1993 favor de avisarme rapido si
isabel  - lenovela sirena   |2011-02-16 13:21:51
quisiera poder ver una vez mas la telenovela sirena creo que fue como un toque de queda cuando la dieron creo de pudieran de volver a pasarla una vez más
Lisette  - sirena   |2011-08-28 17:49:13
I would like to see and purchase the novela sirena again if anyone knows how I can get it please let me know, por favor de avisar me si algien sabe como puedo encontrar la novela sirena me gustaria de ver la otra ves... Gracias... Thanks
SummerSanchez22  - reply this post   |2012-03-22 10:53:06
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mara2mil  - Sirena 1993   |2014-03-29 02:48:09
Hello how can I purchase this Novela Sirena 1993?
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