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Te Tengo en Salsa

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Te tengo en salsa telenovelaWhen Adriana knows that her sister has planed to give her daughter up for adoption, she decides to take custody of the child. Patricia decides to move far away to live, but before she goes, she tells Adriana that her daughter’s father is a passionate and handsome man called CR Perroni.

Adriana’s economic situation pushes her to find Tatiana’s father. She goes to the "Da Perroni" restaurant to meet him. She is baffled when instead of a finding a passionate handsome man, she finds an over weight and bad humored man. Adriana believes that her sister could never have been with such a man.

Adriana, to find out if this man is the father of her niece stars working in the restaurant. Then she realizes that the over wait and bad humored man, is a magnificent man and an excellent chef . He falls in love with her.

Adriana meets Carlos Raul, another CR Perroni brother; a handsome and seductive man that according to her sister descriptions could be her niece’s father. Raul likes Adriana and stars seducing her and that makes Cesar Ramon very jealous.

Adriana listens the brothers talking about her sister sexuality and call her "harlot". This bothers her because she knows one of these men could be her niece’s father. She decides to take ravage on the two men, so she makes both of them confront each other for her love. She sees them fighting and using all kinds of tricks against each other with the purpose to win her love. Things get worst when Patricia comes back and the story takes an unexpected turn.

Te tengo en salsa - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Estefanía López, Luciano D'Alessandro, Eduardo Orozco


Estefanía López ... Adriana Palacios
Luciano D'Alessandro ... Carlos Raúl Perroni Montiel
Eduardo Orozco ... César Román Perroni Montiel
Mirela Mendoza ... Ninoska Valladares
Hilda Abrahamz ... Gioconda Chaparro
Gigi Zanchetta ... Matilde Guillén De Palacios
Kiara ... Azalea Montiel De Perroni
Roberto Moll ... Salvatore Perroni
Iván Tamayo ... Humberto Sánchez
Julio Pereira ... Emiliano Palacios
Gustavo Rodríguez ... Emerson Chaparro
Wanda D'Isidoro ... Beatrice Perroni
Julie Lima ... Patricia Palacios
Alejandro Otero ... Ignacio Fustinioni
Emerson Rondón ... Mauricio Arcaya
Yoletty Cabrera ... Francesca León
Reynaldo Zavarce ... Diego Sánchez
Cristina Dacosta ... Victoria Palacios
Jeanette Flores ... Clarisa López
Gabriel Fernández ... Luciano Guillén
Martha Olivo ... Mamá Juana
Claudia Moreno ... Raiza Castañeda
Natasha Moll ... Yuritzi Del Carmen Chaparro
Luis Alfredo Olavarrieta ... Yonlenon Chaparro
Juan Carlos Lobo ... Joel Morales
Alicia Hernández ... Desireé Salcedo
Ángel Lozano ... Chef Lozano
Sebastián Díaz ... Mélgikson Chaparro
Omaira Abinade ... Leticia Pérez
Michelle Taurel ... Alicia Rivero
Jessica Rodríguez ... Vanessa Regalado
Vanessa Flores ... Sonalí Castillo

Writing credits
Ana Teresa Sosa (original idea)
Neida Padilla (original idea)
Neida Padilla
Carmelo Castro
Manuel Mendoza
Germán Aponte
Daniel González
Verónica Álvarez
Neida Padilla

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
José Alcalde

Produced by
Jhonny Pulido Mora



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