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Trapos íntimos

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Trapos íntimos telenovelaFernando Lobo, a young and handsome man, loses his beloved wife he loves incredibly and since then he is in charge of three daughters. His adores his daughters but they regularly cause troubles he has to cope with. He voluntarily isolates himself from women though he finds a challenge to meet Isabel. Isabel is a young independent woman, very beautiful and confident. She is highly talented and qualified. Back in the past she experienced disappointment in love which is traced through all her life.

Fernando is an oil-engineer at the oil company and he really likes and appreciates his job. One day he is forced to head the lingerie fabric belonging to his despotic and abusive mother-in-law Federica de Andueza. The factory manufactures the lingerie for women called Caricia. Fernando feels it too tough to shift from well-disciplined and strict world of oil magnates to the fussy and fickle world of women with their unreasonable requirements. On the first business day he is caught by the rain of underwear. Like it or not, he has to learn the inner world of women, her whimsy and secret desires.


Marlene De Andrade as Isabel Cordero

Isabel is a beautiful and tender young woman who is qualified in her job as a fashion designer. In spite of her looks she is unhappy since she is cursed to live a lonely life without a beloved man. She could overcome the curse and fall in love with Fernando, the image of the real man, reliable, athletic and faithful.

Carlos Montilla as Fernando Lobo Santacruz

Fernando is a young man who is forced to cook in the kitchen of ladies being a man of almost military life style. It is difficult to change the mind and way of thinking, and life style to successfully manage the company. Isabel helps him to share his troubles at work and with his daughters, especially with his elder daughter. Fernando is strict to her but very tender to the youngest daughter. The tough situations that occur at work is that he sometimes has to appear on the catwalk demonstrating some models of underwear, either. He is athletic and this only makes impression on women.

Juan Carlos Gardié as Elmer

Elmer is a homosexual guy who can easily adapt to the different environment keeping his individuality. He is kind and sociable and in spite of his non-traditional sexual orientation he is popular and loved by women.

Trapos íntimos - telenovela

(2002 - 2003) - Carlos Montilla, Marlene De Andrade


Marlene De Andrade ... Isabel Cordero
Carlos Montilla ... Fernando Lobo Santacruz
Noel Carmona ... Álvaro Mejías Parissi
Jesus Cervo ... Francisco Ruíz (Pancho)
Liber Chiribao ... Nacho
Dad Dager ... Manuela Andueza / Soledad Andueza
Aleska Díaz Granados ... Acrópolis Barroso
Ivette Domínguez ... Guillermina Azuaje
Nacarid Escalona ... Doris Day Montiel
María Gabriela de Faría ... María Fernanda Lobo Santacruz (Marifé)
Juan Carlos Gardié ... Elmer
Flávia Gleske ... Zoe Guerrero
Amanda Gutiérrez ... Federica de Andueza
Carlos Guillermo Haydon ... Mauricio Rossi
Gabriel López ... Gabriel Pérez (Tuqueque)
Saúl Marín ... Cecilio Monsalve
Alejandro Mata ... Gumersindo Cordero
Alfonso Medina ... William Guillermo Pinzón (Willy)
Lady Dayana Núñez ... Barbarita Pinzón (Barbie)
Eduardo Orozco ... Juancho Febres
Alicia Plaza ... Beba Solís
Aracelli Prieto ... Sor Ernestina González
Rosario Prieto ... Eulalia Pinzón
Miguel Augusto Rodríguez ... Chato
Marisa Román ... María Soledad Lobo Santacruz
Emerson Rondón ... Ramón Pérez (Moncho)
Francis Rueda ... Carmen Teresa Cordero
Gerardo Soto ... Nicolás Santacruz 'Nico'
Iván Tamayo ... Felipe Ferrer
Igor Testamarck ... Chicho
Gabriela Vergara ... Lucía Lobo Santacruz
Ana Gabriela Barboza ... Norys
Crisol Carabal ... Angela Chacón
Ámbar Díaz ... Sabrina
Nacho Huett ... Ricky Pinzón
Julieta Lima ... Mayerling
Yelena Maciel ... María de Lourdes Lobo
Leonardo Marrero ... Jorge Luis Solis
Andreína Yépez ... Yubirix
José Luis Zuleta ... Idrogo
Carlos Cruz ... Valmore

Writing credits
Valentina Párraga (original idea)
Manuel Mendoza
Neyda Padilla
Jose Vicente Quintana
Ana Carolina López
Cesar Rojas

Song: Latin Lover
Written by: Arístides Barbella, Juan Luciow, David Lasca, Rodolfo Pagliuca
Singing: Malanga

Cinematography by
Ignacio González
Juan González

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luis Manzo
Yuri Delgado

Produced by
Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja
Armando Reverón Borges
Jose Gerardo Guillén
Juan Malavé



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martha quintero   |2009-11-13 16:56:19
buenos dias
esta novela de trapos intimos me encanto
soy colombiana me vi varios capitulos en
un canal que me parece que era peruano pero un dia se fue y no pude volver a verla que bueno poder verla pues me divertia mucho felicitaciones tienen buenos actores

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