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Vida Entera, La

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La Vida Entera telenovelaJulieta Torres is a student who wants to do her degree thesis about Salvador Duque, a journalist who she admires. Eventually she falls in love with him. This is a love story between two different people that takes place in the office of the women's magazine "Exquisite".

La Vida Entera - telenovela

(2008) - Anastasia Mazzone, Jorge Reyes


Anastasia Mazzone
Jorge Reyes ... Salvador Duque
Anastasia Mazzone ... Julieta Torres "Kotufa"
Carlos Montilla ... Cristóbal Duque
Marlene De Andrade ... Laly Falcón
Carlos Mata ... Facundo Montoya
Beatriz Valdés ... Olimpia Duque
Gustavo Rodríguez ... Napoleón Duque
Crisol Carabal ... Titina San Juan
Carlos Cruz ... Próspero Bermúdez
Gledys Ibarra ... Pasión Guerra
Roque Valero ... Miky Mata
Marisa Román ... Carlota Duque
Luis Gerónimo Abreu ... Guillermo Maduro
Tania Sarabia ... Primitiva Pérez
Henry Soto ... Segundo
Héctor Manrique ... Merchant
Lourdes Valera ... Rosita Coronel
Beatriz Vázquez ... Luz Mediante
Daniela Bascopé ... Natalia Montoya
Paula Woyzechowzky ... Perla
Roberto Lamarca ... Tamanaco
Basilio Álvarez ... Phillipe
Mariaca Semprun ... Mariví
Adolfo Cubas
Adriana Romero ... Lupe
Andreína Yépez
Alejandro Corona ... Canelón
Pedro Durán
Paula Bevilacqua ... Vilma Troconis
Iván Romero
Fernando Villate
Yina Vélez ... Clarita
Anna Massimo
Cristóbal Lánder ... Gustavo
Ligia Duarte
Daniela Maya ... Lucía
Carlos Dagama ... Daniel Torres
Wilmer Machado ... Yonder Guanchez
Claudia La gatta

Writing credits
Leonardo Padrón
Mariana Reyes
Camilo Hernández
Carlos Eloy Castro
Elba Escobar
Jorge Lira

Song: Las Lágrimas Aprenden a Reír
Written by: Roque Valero

Original music
Betrix Medina
Pablo Escalona
Víctor Escalona

Cinematography by
José Perez

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Luis Alberto Lamata
Edgar Liendo
José Luis Zuleta

Produced by
Damaris Padilla
Consuelo Delgado


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