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Viuda Joven, La

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La viuda joven telenovelaViuda Joven, La is a story about a beautiful and young woman, the owner of cattle-ranch. She has become famous in marriage with Baron von Parker. She has inherited a huge fortune from all her three husbands. The baroness Inma Von Parker is a gorgeous woman who fascinates men with her magnetism and splendid looks. She is calm and self-constrained and she manages all the events she is involved in. She has been suspected in murder of her fourth husband though nothing is evidenced yet.

The Humboldt family, the press and the police work on their own to hold the investigation to reveal the secret of La Viuda Joven. Alejandro Abraham is the police detective, an impulsive person looking for career growth. He is a bachelor left behind by the woman whom he loved.

He is in charge to reveal the truth about those deaths. The past is then revealed and Inma believes the only person is there to rescue. The detective Abraham does not show his consent with consequences. He holds his own investigation to find out the truth. It took several years until he meets Abril Armas, an interesting attractive woman, who revives feelings about him and evokes the aspiration to live a real life.

The crime done to Inma’s deceased husband is still a mystery. The one is dead. Another is survived. Yet, everything points at Inma though no firm evidences are available. Alejandro questions whether Inmaculada is the guilty one in these murders to accuse of or not. The baroness makes up a special approach to develop an emotionally-colored vivid detective story. Her great love is her big enemy, at the same time. Alejandro has to solve many puzzled situations but every time something happens, witnesses change opinions, somebody escapes and somebody is killed.

Alejandro has to choose between the passionate or peaceful love, between a mysterious splendid lover and a faithful wife. Two different women make the war without any concluding truce about him.

The telenovela tells about the love and insidiousness with lots of secrets and suspenses. This is to tell about the hunter to fall in love in the victim who reveals the secret under the treat of his love to lose.


Mariangel Ruiz as Inma Von Parker (Baroness)

Her given name is Inmaculada Rojas, 28, and she is tender and beautiful as the Spanish porcelain. She is three-time widow when the story begins. Inma is so beautiful to win at the beauty contest. The old German baron Hans Von Parker married to her giving fame, assets and power. Soon in a year, she becomes a widow, one of the youngest attractive widows in the world. And her best friend becomes her bitter enemy.

Vespasiano Calderón is a man in his 60s with good looks. He is a real gentleman and reputed lawyer. He is the head of Murder Investigation Alliance. He is the father to Josué and Sofía Carlota. He is married to Ivana Humboldt whose family is the owner of the Humboldt chocolate factory. He conceals a great secret. Vespasiano Calderón is a very sexual-appealing man who betrays his wife in their own house.

Luciano De Alessandro as Christian Humboldt

Christian Humboldt is quite attractive and seductive young man in his 30s. He is a very ambitious and confident person. He is intelligent but selfish and he praises his ego. He is too narcissistic to discredit women who are in love with him. He likes to be in the core of events. It is too typical of him. This is a major villain without any principles and moral ethics.

Astrid Carolina Herrera as Ivana Humboldt

Ivana is an elegant woman in her 40s who is obedient and gentle in appearance, though from inside she is a real devil. She is the sister to Matías Humboldt, mother to Josué and Sofía Carlota. She holds power of the family and wants to hold everything in her hands as with the chocolate factory. Ivana loves her husband though she is aware he is a good womanizer. She prefers dominating and she hates being confronted.

Verónica Schneider as Abril Armas

Abril Armas is a young attractive woman, 28. She is slim and tender. Being a psychologist for the Fund for Women with Immature Pregnancy, she is responsive and kind to her clients. She is the best friend to Inma until both of them fall in love with one and the same person. Yet, she always gives a hand to every one in need though she herself lives in the rent flat.

Luis Gerónimo Abreu as Alejandro Abraham

Alejandro Abraham is a detective in his 30s. He is too manly, sarcastic and self-confident. He devotes himself to his profession. Alejandro is too stubborn and he is faced to dilemma to opt for a woman between two feeling love to him. He lives with his father and sister in the cheap-cost flat though it very cozy there. He is really crazy about justice and he will do all his best to catch the crime and bring to punishment. He has never disappointed his father and though he is in love with Inma he aspires to catch and set her to prison.

La viuda joven - telenovela

(2011) - Mariangel Ruiz, Luis Gerónimo Abreu, Verónica Schneider


Mariangel Ruiz ... Inmaculada Von Parker “La Baronesa”
Luis Gerónimo Abreu ... Alejandro Abraham
Verónica Schneider ... Abril Armas
Astrid Carolina Herrera ... Ivana Humboldt "La mandona"
Luciano De Alessandro ... Christian Humboldt
Miguel De León ... Vespasiano Calderón
Juan Carlos García ... Jeremías Miranda
Javier Vidal Pradas ... Federico Humboldt
Carlos Cruz ... Rogelio Galindez
Carlos Mata ... Ángel Abraham
Roberto Messutti ... Matias Humboldt
Maria Antonieta Duque ... Iris Fuenmayor "Vilma Bravo"
Sonia Villamizar ... Peggy Pardo
Rafael Romero ... Tirso Damasco
Beba Rojas ... Vicenta Palacios de Humboldt
Marjorie Magrí ... Karelis Abraham
Susej Vera ... Macarena Black
Crisbel Henríquez ... Claudia
Yelena Maciel ... La Pelusa
Aileen Celeste ... Vanessa Humboldt
Sheryl Rubio ... Sofía Carlota Calderon Humboldt
Iván Tamayo ... Simón Madero
Eleidy Aparicio ... África Porras
Claudio De la Torre ... Emmanuel Madero
José Luis Useche ... Domingo Prada
Josué Vidal Restifo ... Julie Castillo Humboldt
Antonio Delli ... Julio Castillo
Eva Blanco
Carlos Felipe Álvarez ... Josué Calderón Humboldt
María Antonieta Duque ... Iris Fuenmayor
Paula Bevilacqua ... Grecia
Stephanie Cardone Fulop ... Sonia
César Flores ... Pedro
Rosario Tabares
Roberto Messuti ... Matías Humboldt
Sthepanie Cardone ... Sonia
Jose Vicente Pinti
Andreína Carvó
Eliana De Abreu
Luis Villaroel
Francisco Mezones
Norma Méndez
Pedro Padrino
Arismart Marichales
Guillermo Célis
Cristina Castillo
María Coronado
Guillermo Rona
Meisbel Rángel ... La niña
Gabriel Marcano
Maria Fernanda Durán

Writing credits
Martín Hahn (original story)
Zaret Romero
Daniel González
Giuliana Rodríguez
Juan Carlos Duque

Song: ¿Será que tengo la culpa
Written by: Luis Enrique
Singing: Chino and Nacho

Original music
Dayan Castro

Cinematography by
José Pérez
Abraham González

Language : Spanish
Country: Venezuela

Directed by
Manuel Fraíz Grijalba
Yuri Delgado

Produced by
Romina Peña
Sandra Rioboo
Alexander Flores
Lennin Feliche
Juan Carlos Farfan
Rosmar Molero
Mimí Arriaga




El amor es algo eterno
creo que es hielo en el fuego
y aunque cada vez me quemo
sigo en busca de unos besos que…

Revivan este corazón
que ya esta casi muerto
de tanto dolor…

Ya lo he intentado todo
y nada me resulta…

Donde están los labios
que tienen la cura?

Para que revivan este corazón
que ya esta casi muerto
de tanto dolor…

No encuentran al culpable
porque bien se oculta…

Será que yo tengo la culpa?

Vivo con ganas de amar
parece ser mi castigo…
nunca se si durara
yo se lo dejo al destino

Confieso que me da miedo
aún no entiendo lo que debo hacer

Pero asi debo vivir tal vez…
y un nuevo amor morir después…

Si algún día encontrare los besos que…

Revivan este corazón que ya esta muerto
de tanto dolor…

Ya lo he intantado todo
y nada me resulta…

Donde estarán los labios que tienen la cura?

Para que revivan este corazón que ya esta
casi muerto de tanto dolor…

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Dinora  - la he visto   |2011-03-17 09:50:50
Me encanta!!
Erica Thompson  - La viuda joven   |2012-03-01 19:29:41
Puede regresar un mensaje de donde puedo buscar el serie de la viuda joven para comprar? Estoy mirando en todos sitios en la red y no puedo buscar un lugar que vende la telenovela.

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