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MDS has good water solubility

Compared with 4A zeolite and layered silicon, the water solubility of modified MDS is greatly improved, thereby improving the product’s performance. This is also a major technological advancement in modified sodium disilicate.

MDS is well suitable for various processes such as front and back batching.

Practice shows that layered sodium disilicate is not suitable for the pre-batching process. In my country’s production of synthetic laundry detergent, the high-tower powder spraying method is more common. The requirement for additives is that they can be batched beforehand and do not decompose during the spray drying process. The modified MDS has stable performance and can be conveniently used as a pre-or post-ingredient to produce washing powder. This is also a major breakthrough in the production and application of sodium disilicate. ​

MDS has good water immersion stability and compatibility with other ingredients.

In the practical application of sodium disilicate, it was found that layered sodium disilicate is a volatile material, and the crystal structure changes in hot water. After the change, their calcium and magnesium exchange capacity decreased significantly (about 30%); the calcium and magnesium exchange rate decreased significantly (15% to 30% slower). ​

In addition, after the washing powder with sodium disilicate is dissolved in water, the presence of other ingredients in the formula, such as some inorganic salts, surfactants, polymer additives, etc., will change the phase and structure of sodium disilicate, thus Resulting in a decrease in the performance of sodium disilicate. ​

The modified MDS is treated with a special polymer modifier, so its water immersion stability and compatibility with other inorganic and organic ingredients are greatly improved. Experimental results show that: MDS-added laundry detergent dissolves in water and interacts with most inorganic salts (such as sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate), surfactants (such as LAS, AEO-9, etc.) and polymers (such as polyethylene glycol). After mixed infiltration with diol, carboxymethyl cellulose, polyacrylic acid, etc.), there is no obvious decrease in various technical indicators.

MDS has good cost performance

Since the development of sodium disilicate builder, one of the important reasons why it has not been widely promoted for a long time is its high selling price and high production costs. The innovative process of MDS greatly reduces production energy consumption, and its own production costs are greatly reduced without affecting the excellent performance of sodium disilicate, thus meeting the needs of the washing industry for cost control. ​

MDS has good environmental friendliness

MDS is non-toxic to humans, animals and aquatic organisms and does not produce toxic effects on other substances. There is no “over-fertilization” factor, and it will not pollute the environment when flowing into rivers, lakes or soil. It is an ideal environmentally friendly detergent builder. ​

Main technical indicators of MDS products

The main technical parameters of MDS are shown in the table below.

Product use

1) Laundry detergent builder. MDS replaces STPP and can be spray-dried before batching or mixed after batching to produce low-density phosphorus-free or low-phosphorus laundry detergent. It can also be used as a base powder to produce concentrated phosphorus-free or low-phosphorus laundry detergent using agglomeration. The product has strong detergency and can also be combined with 4A zeolite to form a binary additive to produce high and low density phosphorus-free laundry detergent. ​

2) Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries. It is a chelating agent used in pre-treatment aids such as degreasers and scouring agents and can also be used as a bleach stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide. ​

3) Table detergent additives. It has an oil absorption value of 70% and strong ability to remove oil stains. It replaces hydrated sodium metasilicate (oil absorption value of 38%) and reduces production costs. ​

4) Industrial cleaning agent additives. MDS is the basic raw material for industrial cleaning agents such as metal cleaning agents, heavy oil cleaning agents, and oil pipeline cleaning agents. ​

5) Clean the oil stain directly. MDS can be directly adjusted into an aqueous solution of appropriate concentration to clean oil stains without the need for surfactants.

Product packaging, storage and transportation:

The product is double-packed. The inner packaging is made of plastic film bags, and the outer packaging is made of plastic woven bags. The net weight of each bag is 25kg or 50kg. Rain, moisture and exposure should be prevented during storage and transportation.


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